Part 32 - Fate Closed the Door on Death

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I cringed as a strong gust of wind hit me and staggered a step back. Just as I opened my eyes pain sparked out on my stomach, and I gritted my teeth. It felt like pins and needles being pushed into me from the chest to my stomach. I staggered back again, and tripped on something. I fell to my knees and collapsed on my back, staring up at the cloudy sky cried on me. My head rolled to the left and there it was. The truck that had been barreling towards me. It was hanging off of the bridge not fifteen feet away. I let out a strangled gasp, feeling confused.

The truck had missed me.

So, then what was hurting so badly?

Why couldn't I move?

What was going on?

I coughed, squeezing my eyes shut in the process.

What happened?

"Oh my god!" A new voice entered my ears, as I cringed at the pain spreading through out my whole body. It was as if I was on fire and had been doused with lighter fluid inside and out. "Call the police! Call the police!"

The police?

More like a fucking ambulance.

Suddenly, there was a face peering down into my own. A woman. I didn't recognize her. I could see her checking for wounds and from the way the blood rushed from her face I was guessing she'd spotted exactly what was causing me to feel like I was burning slowly from the inside out.

"Hold on, kid. My husband called the police and there'll be an ambulance in no time. They said not to move you. You'll be fine." She said, the fear in her eyes saying something different entirely. "You'll be fine."

"The-the driver." I said, my voice so weak and small I barely heard it. "The truck is falling off the bridge. He'll...he'll die."

"My husband looked...he said that the driver was stuck until the ambulance would get here." 

I coughed again. blood spattering against the cement by my squished cheek.

"What..." I wheezed, digging into my palm with my finger nails. "Hurts so bad."

"You...something hit your stomach. But you'll be fine." She said, her voice shaking. She turned her gaze to my stomach and then back to my face. "You'll be fine."

I smiled, probably a bloody smile.

"Jesus Christ, I get it." I said jokingly. The woman just gave me a pained smile and moved her hands towards my own clenched hand. I watched as she unfolded my hand and held it in her own. A strange thing to do for a stranger, but I held on. I grunted in pain, and felt my vision blur with tears caused by the pain.  And of all the worst timings I heard my name being called by a voice so achingly familiar.


So close...

So close.

It almost felt like I could just lift a hand to touch his voice. As if he were right- I blinked the tears away to see his  face full of worry. I smiled bitterly at him.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

"I was looking for you." He breathed. He sounded out of breath. His expression looked pained as he glanced at my stomach.

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