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Pen Your Pride

HERRO!!! Personally I love this chapter! I think its completely adorable. Just picture the Title and then pretend you were Maya. Well I hope you like it! 

~ Love Maya 

~ Niall's P.O.V. ~

I opened the door laughing. Oh my gosh, spending one-on-one time with just the guys was just too funny. We spent about 4 hours just laughing and joking around about stupid things. Harry and Louis were messing with each other, Zayn and Louis were also arguing about who had the best dance moves in the band and ended up having a little dance off. Liam and I were just sitting there laughing, chiming in ever so often. I felt bad, I mean, we completely left Maya out on this.

I glanced on the couch hoping Maya would be sitting there. But to my surprise, she wasn't. Strange, I thought. I went and checked in the kitchen, there were still dirty dishes left on the counter. Okay, maybe she got mad? I checked the bathroom and the closet, she wasn't there either. At this point I was in freak out mode. Calm down Niall, Im sure she's just in her room. I knocked on the door.

No answer.

I tired again, this time knocking harder incase she was sleeping and hadn't heard me.

No answer.

Okay, maybe If I tired calling her, that would surely wake her up. I let the phone ring and ring, but it only came on her voicemail. 

I was in a panic mode. "Maya!" I yelled banging on the door. "Maya! Maya! Maya!"

I heard the other door open, all four of the lads piled out, all looking at me with curious eyes. 

"Dude are you okay? You look like you've just witnessed death.. " Harry said coming over to me and putting a hand on my shoulder. I only brushed it off.

"L-Liam, where's the spare key!?" I said loudly.

"Er, in the kitchen, do you want me to get it?" He asked. 

"Yes, Now!" I practically yelled.

"Whoa Niall, what's gotten into you?" Louis said now also in a state of worry.

"Niall, Maya is probably sleeping, don't wake her up with your yelling." Zayn said shaking his head.

"Here's the key, why do you-"I took it before he could finish. I quickly unlocked it and slammed the door open. 

No one was in the room. Everything was gone, like someone had came in and robbed everything that Maya had. I searched frantically, maybe this was some kind of joke she was trying to pull.

"Oh my god..." I screamed.

"Niall, whats wro-wrong..?" Liam said stuttering as he walked into the room. He must have noticed too. Who wouldn't, the room was just barren nothing in sight at all.

"Where's Maya?" Harry asked

"Is this some kind of joke? If you guys are joking around it's not funny!" I hissed. 

"Whoa Niall, " Zayn put his hands up. "Calm down, we don't know what's going on either.."

I turned away from them. "Maya, if this is a joke, its not funny!"  I shouted.

No reply.

"Im serious!" I shouted one more time.

No reply. 

"Holy crap, look at this lads!" Louis said holding up a piece of paper. 

"Its a note!" Harry replied. 

"From Maya... " I murmured.

"I-Ill go ahead and read it... " Louis mumbled. " Dear boys, So, it looks like our fun little adventure has come to an end. Its been a blast seeing your smiling and oh so attractive faces each morning, when I was in need you guys helped me up, I'm so grateful. " Louis paused to catch his breath. "Boys listen, Its my fault, it utterly truly is. Im sorry that you guys are loosing fans, and that all this drama is being put onto your shoulders. Its all been because of me, so to release all that added stress, I decided to... Leave... " 

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