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Dear Dairy,

Ok, so today we found out about Martha Tabram, also known as Martha Turner. She was only in her late thirties when she was brutally murdered, still rather young in my veiw. Turner was a lady of the night (also known as a prostitute). On the Bank Holiday Monday of 6th August 1888 she was out solcialising the night/early morning she was murdered. 

It was known that Turner had gone off with a guardsman at around 11:30pm - 11:45pm. They had been seen going through the sinster arch that led into George Yard (today known as Gunthorpe Street).

According to the East London Advertiser George Yard was " of the most dangerous streets in the locality..." because of what was said about this street, no-one entered it, therefore giving Turner the perfect advantage for privacy and quick business.

They entered a cheap block of apartments, known as George Yard Buildings. These apartments were occupied by tenants whom the East London Observer described somewhat unflatteringly as "people of the poorest description". When its staircase light had been extinguished at 11pm, the landings were cast into an impenetrable darkness that made them ideal for use by prostitutes and their clients. This is where Turner's body happened to be found.

In the early hours of the morning, the buildings Superintendant returned, Mrs Hewitt. While on the way up stairs to her room, she stated she did not noticed nothing untoward or suspicious as she ascended the staircase, although she did later admitted that the stairs were unlit, so even if there was a body she would not of noticed. She also claimed that once she was in her room that the rest of the night was silent.

A little after 5am, John Saunders Reeves, left his apartment to go to work and while on the way down the stairs, found the body of Martha Tabram. He noticed the prone form (most people living in George Yard Buildings, weren't able to make it to there rooms after a heavy night on the town and collapsed on the stairs or the hallway), but because it was getting light, he was now able to see what no-one else was able to during the night, it was Martha lying on her back in a pool of blood.


I find it amazing that no-one tripped over her, maybe he moved her body right onto the side of the walkway, that way no-one would find her, giving himself plenty of time to get away.

I don't really know what to say about this, its strange. I'm thinkign that he might of planned his murder more then people knew.

Anyway, what I found out next is just horrifying, only a sick minded crimmal would do it.


Martha's body was found with Thirty-nine stab wounds pepper-potted on her body from her throat to her lower abdomen. Dr Killeen later told the inquest that the killer had used two different blades, the majority of the wounds having been inflicted with an ordinary pocket knife, whilst a deep wound to her breast had been dealt by "...some long, strong instrument...[which could have been]... a sword bayonet or dagger..." 

The killer (Jack the Ripper) had targeted Martha's throat and lower abdomen, just as the Ripper would do with his victims. It is therefore possible that Martha Tabram, murdered in the early hours of August 7th 1888 on the dark, first floor landing of George Yard Buildings, was the firstvictim to die at the hands of Jack the Ripper.

Three weeks after Martha's death, the mutilated body of Mary Nichols was discovered, again lying on her back in an almost identical pose to that of Martha Tabram's body, the realisation began to dawn - prematurely as it now transpires - that a repeat killer was loose in the streets of Whitechapel. For the people of London their autumn of terror was about to begin.


Well that's more than enough information about Martha Tabram/Turner. I feel so sorry for her, she didn't do anything wrong, yes she was a prostitute and people didn't like that, but that is no reason to go round and murder them.

Anyway, as you read in my last paragraph Mary Nichols was the next victim, so I will be finding out information about her and how that beast of a man got away with murder once again.

Write as soon as I can

Kate Miller x


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