Chapter Nine

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[Chapter Nine]

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[Chapter Nine]

Ringo settled into Vivian's home and the woman respected the fact that he wasn't much of a talker. She allowed him to start the conversation whenever they did talk on the rare occasion but normally it was Ringo just asking a question that only required a one-word response. However, Vivian answered and kept her talking to a minimum, just so that Ringo could feel comfortable. While she knew it wouldn't be anytime soon, she wanted to work on slowly gaining his trust. He still seemed to hold his suspicions of the woman's kind nature, but he was gradually coming around. On some nights, he would tolerate sitting in the same room with her while she worked and he read quietly to himself on the sofa. 

He had taken it upon himself to read over all of his textbooks that would be required for the upcoming term. She waited for the time where he would ask her any questions pertaining to the magic but he was awfully quiet even if he did wear a puzzled expression when reviewing material. It seemed he would rather be confused than ask for help.As glad as Vivian was that he was taking an interest in his education, she was hoping to learn more about the boy before he left for Hogwarts. She wanted to learn why he was so angry with the world, what his parents had done to him, and how she was supposed to help him. But as closed off as he was, Vivian knew very well that she had to be patient.

Her major accomplishment was finding something that Ringo wanted to eat as she brought him to the market and allowed him to pick all the foods that he would eat. There certainly wasn't a lot of variety, he seemed to enjoy fish and chips as his major meal and he would often pair green beans or some sort of vegetable on his plate even though it looked like he didn't enjoy any of it. He appeared to like chocolate digestives and some tarts and while it wasn't much, it was something and he was eating. Luckily, there would be plenty of variety at school so Vivian was convinced that he would find something to eat during mealtime. 

Although Vivian did notice that he wouldn't eat all day until she came home from a shift or during her lunch to check up on him. It seemed he continued to wait for permission to eat with her, even though she gave him the clear to eat on his own when she wasn't around. But he was so stuck in the routine that she couldn't break him of the habit with the little time left that they had together. 

The evening before Ringo was set to leave for Hogwarts, Vivian arrived home late from St. Mungo's and even with the use of magic, she was in no mood to cook anything. Instead, the woman brought home food with her from the pub. Arriving home, she found Ringo awake on the sofa, reading to himself, his Transfiguration textbook in his lap. He either didn't notice that she had walked in or he didn't really care until she called out to him as she set the food on the table. Setting the book aside, Ringo carefully stood up and made his way towards the table like a timid deer. 

Vivian didn't dare to move until he was settled at the table as usual, as soon as he sat down, he began placing his silverware in the appropriate place, keeping his elbows clear of the table. She watched as he grabbed the container that she had placed in his spot and as usually began sorting the food around so that it didn't touch. It was simple fish and chips but if one chip was touching the fillet of fish, he wouldn't eat it. All the fries that touched the fish were taken out of the equation and placed on a separate plate. Glancing up at her for a moment, it looked as though he was waiting for something when it finally clicked in her mind.

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