The Child

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 This is the sequel to my first Fanfic called The Sister…..Please read that first if you haven’t already done so……I hope you enjoy the following story.



Chapter 1.


The scene of domestic normality is played out in millions of homes up and down the country every morning with the occupiers busying themselves getting ready for the day ahead…..waking at the crack of dawn…..stumbling out of bed and into the shower and finally grabbing a quick breakfast before facing the onslaught of the trudge to work…but this day…this very morning…this very household…a different day is starting and one which by the end of the day will change the lives of the occupants forever.


This household contains a brother and a sister….

This is the household of Lucas North and his sister Amelia….


Today started like the day before and the day before that….Amelia was feeling unwell, she had felt like this for the past two weeks, she had complained to Lucas that she felt sick, she had been off her food too but had put it down to the fact that she was still getting over the flu that had laid her low for the past few days but yesterday when she had actually been sick Lucas had become more worried and insisted that she go to the doctors for a check up.


Trying to placate him Amelia had assured her brother she would be fine in a few days but Lucas would not be dissuaded and rang the doctors surgery himself to book the appointment.


So at six o’clock that evening the pair were sat in the waiting room with Lucas having secured the very last appointment of the day.  But as is common these days the doctor was running late, so the siblings made every effort to while away the time by reading the old copies of the tired looking magazines that had been piled high on a small table in the corner of the large dreary room.


The doctor’s surgery was just like all the others dotted about the country and everything about the place oozed tiredness from the very seats the siblings were sat upon down to the carpet that had seen countless feet march in and out day after day.


Amelia had soon become bored, her mind was unable to concentrate on reading as her fears began to grow and the longer the doctor kept her waiting the more she worried.


Lucas had noticed she was becoming more agitated as she endlessly wrung her fingers back and forth, so trying to calm her nerves he took hold of her hands and gently squeezed them.


 “Don’t worry, it will be fine.” Lucas’ crooked smile breached his lips after the words were spoken.


Amelia tried to smile back but jumped when the machine on the wall made a loud bleep and announced her name indicating that the doctor was now ready to see her.


Leaving Lucas behind, to further amuse himself by trying to extract a copy of a motorsport mag from the middle of the pile of magazines, she looked back before disappearing through a set of doors just in time to see her brother demolishing the entire pile and saw him hastily trying to pick them up before the receptionist noticed anything untoward had happened.


Smiling to herself Amelia carried on making her way to the doctors room.  Knocking politely on arriving at the door she let herself in at the bequest to enter and she quietly closed the door behind her, little did she realise that when she would emerge again her whole life would be turned upside down and her life would change forever.


Lucas have long given up looking for something decent to read so he looked at his watch again, he had been checking it endlessly as the minutes had ticked relentlessly by and turned into three quarters of an hour, standing up, Lucas was just about to walk over to the receptionist when he heard a chilling scream….the sound penetrated the eerily quiet room but Lucas knew instantly who it had belonged to and it sent a shiver down his spine.


Panicking slightly, Lucas could hear raised voices coming from the direction his sister had almost an hour ago entered and suddenly without warning he caught sight of her running away from the doctor down the corridor towards him, bursting back through the doors Amelia collapsed into his arms crying hysterically.


The sudden weight of his sister in his arms made Lucas off balance and he sunk to his knees taking Amelia with him, he was astonished by how distraught she was wondering what on earth could of happened and with a feeling of dread creeping over him he shouted,


 “Amelia…..what’s wrong…….what did the doctor say?”


He didn’t mean to raise his voice but with his sister still crying uncontrollably it had made him overreact and in turn different scenario’s had started pumping through his mind as to what could be wrong and so he pleaded with her again, only more calmly and quietly this time.


“Amelia….please tell me what’s wrong….I can’t begin to help you unless you tell me.”

With her crying now reduced to fitful sobs Amelia told Lucas the reason for her anguish,


“Lucas….I…..I’m…...I’m pregnant.”

“What….I don’t…I…’re pregnant….” To say Lucas was confused was an understatement.


His sister just nodded her affirmation….the shock had begun to set in and Amelia had started to shut down, placing herself behind an invisible wall so high and impenetrable no one or nothing would be able to touch her but in doing so she was shutting out the only person who would be able to help her through the inevitable dark times ahead…..Lucas.

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