Shower Room Flow

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Inspired by Jhené Aiko's Living Room Flow

I roll out of bed and make my way to the bathroom. I strip your shirt off my body and turn the hot water on. Stepping in, I hear you mumble "good morning." Knowing you, I know some shit's about to down.. Only you know how my body is, you know where all my sweet spots are. Pick me up and hold me against the wall while you whisper in my ear "It's okay, it's alright. I'll do everything that you like. You can scream, scratch my back, but I won't stop even if you whimper, baby you can keep begging."

Hands roaming up and down my body while the hot water is pouring down on us. You leave tender kisses on my neck, causing me to shut my eyes and take in all the passion. The walls must've spoken to you, like they always do. I feel the cool tile wall pressed against my back. My body yearns for your touch. I need you now. I beg you skip foreplay.
"Be patient babe, we're gonna be in here for a while," you mumble against the crook of my neck.

Digging my nails in your back as you hit one of my sweet spots, I bit my lip hard trying to control myself. You kiss me softly and pull me as close as possible.
"Moan for me. You know I love hearing that," you say sweetly. Moans escape my mouth and bounce off the walls of the empty bathroom walls.
"That's my girl."

You turn me around and grab a fistful of my hair, you pull on it kind of hard as you continue to thrust inside me. This rough side is new to me, you're always so gentle and sweet. I think I want to see this rough side of you more often. It feels amazing. Like a burning passion almost.

Turning off the shower I grab a towel and wrap it around my body. Exhausted from our fun, I plop on the bed and close my eyes.
"Rest up love. We're not done yet. The next room is the living room."

I wrote this little short during geometry class knowing damn well I should've been paying attention to what was being taught. Oh well. Funny thing is I never finished writing this. Made up the rest just now. By the way I absolutely LOVE this song, it's one of my favorites but I don't listen to it as much. It brings up a memory I rather not think about. But I hope you all enjoy 😌

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