Chapter 41

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Pine Tree dragged a hand through his hair, eyes closed tight as he groaned softly. "Bill . . . I really don't feel like getting up today . . ." he complained without looking at the blond, trying to roll closer to the dream demon before he could get out of bed. The night was swell, but he had a feeling that Ford was going to be more of a problem than anticipated. The previous day, he had been hardly bearable during the small time they crossed paths. Path. He didn't expect it to be too much better after another bought of Bill's diabolical punishments. Let me enjoy this warmth . . .

Bill allowed him to, silently cooking up a plan as he wrapped the smaller male in his arms. "I have an idea that might work. I have faith in you to carry it out, but I'll wait 'til you're ready to explain it." For the meantime, he was cuddling with Pine Tree, enjoying the warmth himself. The king leaned over, pressing a loving kiss to his forehead.

The boy buried himself in the embrace, melting into him happily. It was like . . . Bill hadn't said anything at all. Hm, okay. Bill's voice was too high-strung beautiful and smooth as a human to not listen to. But he could pretend, right? Pine Tree lingered, relaxing in the wonderfulness of the moment, wanting to fall asleep again. He could . . . The prince found a nagging sense of duty rise, trying to ignore it. He tilted his head, gingerly kissing the former triangle's . . . cheek, eyes still shut with a fading drowsiness.

Bill quietly purred, relaxed and happy. He almost didn't want to get out of bed either. Even if there were things to do, he could put them off, right? Maybe. His demon army was restless, practically begging Bill to break the barrier already. Pryonica and Eight-ball were the most impatient and resourceful of the bunch, yelling at him through his eyes placed throughout town. There was only so long that he could ignore them. We . . . do have to get up. Why don't you take a bath? It can comfort and help wake you, he suggested.

"Bill . . ." the tween attempted, scooting barely an inch closer. They were lying so flush together already. His procrastination skills were weakening. Honestly. He slowly pushed himself into a sitting position, staying basically in his same spot. It would be too easy just to flop back down, but he forced open his eyes, stretching a bit with a yawn. "Mm . . . alright, you win." Pine Tree looked at him with a smile, loving the tousled, yet neat, flow of his hair. And everything else. "Let's get ready."

He sat up, smiling back. "Ya' know, I used to hate sleep. But now, sleeping with you is the best." Bill chuckled, swinging his legs over the side of the bed.

Pine Tree blushed, laughing. "Same here. I was an insomniac if you've ever seen one. Could hardly get a full night without getting distracted by books or noises or even my own thoughts. Pulled more all-nighters than what's healthy." He stood, grinning as his energy returned. "But . . . whoo, you make it absolutely fantastic."

Bill laughed, standing to get dressed in his fancy attire again. "And you had paranoia." He winked. "Been watching you a long time, kid."

"Touché," Pine Tree said, beaming. Point was, he had a vibrant sense of his surroundings. Maybe it would have been better on his past sanity if he knew Bill was keeping an eye out for him. Or maybe not. It would've felt kinda freaky. "I'll start cleaning up. Meet you in a few." He waved as he opened the bathroom door, stepping inside.

The blond nodded, snapping his fingers. A couch appeared along with his clothes. He sat down, finding it quite comfortable. He was even hungry, craving some breakfast. "Pancakes, bacon and . . . what's that thing people drink in the morning again?" Bill muttered to himself. "Oh, wait! It's coffee." He grinned, making it appear so he could eat.

Pine Tree had started a bath by then, glad to find that it wasn't too spacious once he got in, reasonable for a lone boy but grand nonetheless. The temperature of the water was lukewarm, just the way he liked it. The brunet smiled, tracing the designs on his arm as he soaked for a bit. I like this, he commented casually, satisfied. Everything going well on your end?

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