Broken Pieces

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A/N: HEY GUYS. So I know this fic is not anywhere near completed but I'm thinking about a new fic when I'm done so what ship should I do? I'm thinking Petekey, Phan or frerard. COMMENT WHAT U WANT THNKS.

In the end (chap 20)

When the two boys pulled apart, watching each other carefully as if expecting the other to run away, they were frozen.
Finding out their attraction was mutual was a scary and uncertain thing they didn't quite feel like confronting but knew it had to be done.

"You like me?" Patrick asked cautiously, feeling like the last thirty seconds was a figment of his imagination. "Of course I do." Pete confided, collecting the boy into a hug. "And I'm so sorry about that bitch back there. I'm sorry that I wasn't with you." He apologized. "You don't need to be sorry. If anything, I shouldn't have been looking for you. There was just some stupid girl and she touched me and I thought of my dad- it was just anxiety. I should have just calmed down. I'm sorry I bring you down with all my stupid problems. You deserve someone way better than me." Patrick insisted, feeling the boys hand slide under his chin, pushing it up until their lips met.
"Trust me, your all I need." Pete smiled, hugging him as if his life depended on it.


Walking the city at 2 am was a bad fucking idea.

Walking the city alone at 2 am was even worse but Patrick really didn't care.
The events that took place only a few hours ago were stuck in his head and he couldn't shake the feeling that it was a bad idea. He really liked Pete. A lot. He had saved him from his father, from being homeless and from killing himself and had given him a best friend which was all he could ask for.
He still for the life of him could not figure out why Pete liked him at all, let alone as a couple but apparently he did.

The only problem however was that Patrick did not believe in love. And that was a really fucking big problem where you were in a relationship with someone.
It wasn't that he didn't believe in other people's love, more so that he didn't believe in himself ever being in love or loved by someone. He had so many flaws and problems that it didn't seem right for any one to love him. Pete deserved so much more than that but he seemed to think not.
As Patrick neared an unknown park he started hearing whimpers from one of the nearby benches and walked over. Just because he didn't deserve comfort did not mean this stranger didn't.
"Hey are you okay?" He asked quietly, sitting next to him on the small bench. All he could make out was the shadow of a boy, head in his hands jumping up slightly at the presence of someone else.

"What? Uh yeah I'm sorry I just- I'm fine. Just kinda emotionally drained I guess." He responded shakily, squinting at the person talking to him. He could make out a fedora that looked shockingly familiar.
"What are you doing out here?" Ryan asked, relaxing at the knowledge of the stranger being his friend. " I could ask the same for you. Shouldn't you be with Brendon?" He asked. "Uh... Yeah, probably. I just- there's some problems I have to sort out in my head. I'm guessing you already know about the... Thing." He said feeling tears spring to his eyes once more. "What thing?"

So Ryan explained. Explained what happened those nights he spent cutting. The night he said his final goodbyes. The day he attempted to end his own life and by the time he was done, the two were both crying.
"I'm so sorry I didn't help you too-" Patrick attempted to apologize. "Hey you had your own problems with your dad. It wasn't your fault at all. Listen, I'm okay I just need to sort out everything. Brendon thinks I'm right back to my old self but you don't just bounce back from deppresion in a day. I don't think he fully understands that. I just.... I've been doubting everything and thinking too much and my wrists are itching to be cut again even though there's no reason for it and-" Ryan cut off as he started sobbing into Patrick's coat, the boy wrapping an arm around him in comfort.

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