chapter 2

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George POV

I gave Sheriff Stilinski a soft smile when the three boys sat on the couch.
"What happen?" Sheriff Stilinski asked pulling me into the kitchen.
"They all were kidnapped 2 years ago by an old company called WCKED. They were people who kidnapped kids around world to put them in trails that'll kill them. They were supposed to find a cure for the "flare" ,but lied about the dead eating brains sickness. It was all just a lie." I finished looking at the sad Sheriff.
"But why take Stiles?" He asked." Why did they take my son?" He started to crying until saying that he's strong and Stiles is alive.

Minho POV

We stayed on the couch cause we didn't know what to do. We where confused about why tom and Newt was going to live together.
"Maybe because my family was killed trying to save me from WCKED." Newt said.
"How the hell did you know I was thinking about that?" I asked.
" We can still read each other minds dumbass." Thomas said.
Ohhh. OK I get it now." So before we escaped the evil shuck faces, they didn't take out the card they put in us."
" Yep." Thomas simply answered.

Thomas POV

It was already 5 in the afternoon. Minho was taken to his house and me and Newt just talked about what could've happened if George didn't save us.
" We would probably be cranks and eating people's brains out." Newt said with a gross face.
" I wonder if life is going to be easy now that we saved." I looked at Newt and continued to talk." We barely know what most of the things is out there since WCKED took our memories and our heads with nonsense. " I said. Newt just shooked his head and that we need to be sleeping. And with that, Newt went to his room and darkness took over me.

A/N sorry if it's so short, I didn't have enough time to do a longer one today but I will be starting to write every week one Monday or Wednesday. Have a great weekend!!

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