Day 1.

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The sun was beginning to rise making the sky a bright orange and light purple. Lucius woke up hanging from a tree. His robes were tangled in the branches. He looked to his right hoping to find Dumbledore. The man was also hanging from a tree. He screamed for Dumbledore trying to wake him up.
Dumbledore woke with a startle and screaming something about peaches and lemon candy. Lucius did a triple back flip 360 no scope and landed in a split. He walked under Dumbledore and tried to calm him down.
"Dumbledore my honey it all good." Dumbledore floated down from the tree and started to passionately kiss Lucius. He pushed Dumbledore off of him. "My honey cake, this is no time for smoochy smooch. We need to get away from wherever we are. They will be after us soon. "
Dumbledore looked at Lucius sadly. "You are right. We need to escape to the muggle world and be disguised as muggles. We will be safe there." Lucius cringed in disgust. He hated muggles.
"But I do not like muggles."
"Well suck it up you whiny booty hole. We're going to America. " Lucius thought for a minute and finally agreed to Dumbledore's plan. He would do anything to keep his lover safe even if it were disguising himself as something he hated most in the world.

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