SINnamon Roll

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Name: Vicki (Likes to be called Jelly)

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Name: Vicki (Likes to be called Jelly)

"5 '7

Age: 20 (might be older because they died once)




-Likes to bake

-will fight you if you hurt their friends in the smallest way

-Really sweet, but can be very sinful

-They're actually a skeleton, and can use magic to form a body out of a jelly-like substance.

-Has never been in a committed relationship, but they have a lot of one night stands

-Best friends with a girl named Ebele

-Loves cuddle with everyone

-Kisses everyone

-What are shoes? (Wears socks everywhere)

-Will wear shorts in all year

-Has a backstory that they don't like, it brings back bad memories

-Died once

-Giggles a lot

-Makes a lot of puns

-Likes to travel

-Actually has very sharp canine teeth

-Has a lot of money

-Wears a lot of stripes

-Loves cats


-They can glow in the dark *gasp*

-Has no family

-Everyone loves them for some reason

-just discovered the Internet and loves it

-Eats like a monster

-Owns 5 cats, 2 bunnies, 3 dog, a parrot, and a ferret

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