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Was it cold?

"Hey are you alright?"Percy asked me.

He was walking in the snowy wind night with such an ease as if he lived here for his whole life.

"Yea....h I..I"I said shivering.

After walking for few more minutes we found a cave.

Slowly we walked.

Just before we were going to enter the place a howl again came from inside.

My head suddenly started hurting like hell. I clenched my head and heard Percy shouting my name before I went unconscious.

" Jessica" a voice said softly.

I opened my eyes and saw a bright light which made me close my eyes again.

" It's alright child, open your eyes." A man's voice again said softly.

I opened my eyes just to see a man standing in front of a small baby.

The man was not paying any attention to me. So why he called my name?

" Finally you are awake." The man said.

I noticed , I am in a hospital.

How come I am in a hospital? Antarctica has a hospital?

Oh no. My Demigod dreams.

I paled because I heard all the dreams that Demigod's had over years.

I was scared that something bad will happen.

Gather up Jessica!!!

One lady with red long hairs hanging by her waist and yellow eyes walked behind him and peeked over his shoulder.

" What a nice daughter Pan!" Lady said.

" Oracle, what are you doing here?" He asked.

Wait a minute. Did she call him Pan.


I tried to walk to see his face but I couldn't move.

"Well how can I resist to see what future the very first... What do we call?...hmmm.... The very first DEMIGOD holds. I wanna know what and how she will be grow up?" Oracle said.

" She is one of a kind in many ways. She is daughter of my only love. I don't wanna know anything about the future. Isn't she beautiful?" Pan asked without moving his eyes away from the baby even for a second.

Did my father really loved me that much?

" Beautiful indeed. Her mother is no less than Aphrodite. You are a great person Pan but we all know that we don't know how or what will happen to her next second. Let me help you." Oracle said placing her hand slowly on his shoulder.

"Alright!" Pan said with a smile and gave some space for the Oracle.

Oracle came forward and placed her hand on my temple while I was sleep.

" My beauty what future you unfold. Can I see it?" Oracle smiled and closed her eyes as green aura surrounded her.

After some time she opened her eyes but fear, pain and sadness was written in them.

Pan also noticed it.

" What...what you saw?" Pan asked in fear.

" Zeus... He will come to kill her." She said with terror.

" What how he dare?" Pan got angry and wild green aura surrounded him.

" Pan be peaceful and think clearly..." Before se could utter next word her eyes went green."

She fell on the ground.

" Oracle" Pan shouted.

It's the same prophecy that Rachel narrated.

Before he could do anything Hestia walked in.

" So he sent you." He said with a growl.

" What? Who send me to where? What are you saying Pan?" Hestia asked innocently.

" Zeus. He sent you to kill my daughter. Didn't he? But you will have to kill me first to touch her." Pan stood over me protectively.

" No I didn't come here on Zeu command. I came here to see your daughter. Why would Zeus want to kill her? She is a innocent baby. Why would I do something like that.?" Hestia still confused.

Pan relaxed and told Hestia everything.

" That idiotic power hunger man. I will kill him." Hestia growled in anger.

" Hestia No. Please first take my daughter away to soe safety . Please." Pan begged.

" I will but what shall we do with Zeus?" Hestia asked.

" I will kill him." Pan said. " You just take her away." He said again.

" Pan take her away and do whatever you can keep her safe. You and me both knows Zeus is powerful enough to beat you but he can never beat me. Let me buy you time while you go and help your daughter." Hestia said.

Pan nodded and thanked and popped away.

Scene changed and I was standing outside a casino.

Father gave his famous cry that sent all the mortals to sleep.

He picked them all kept them outside the gate and placed me on a bed of one of many rooms of the casino.

" I am sorry my daughter to bring you the fate. I can never be a good father to you but I love you a lot. Hope one day you will forgive me for everything. It seems you will soon meet a son of Poseidon who will help you. Hope he will be good friend." He walked away with tears in his eyes.

Stopped on the gate and placed a spell which made time move very slowly for the casino but still it was moving good enough that I am old to way with the famous son of Poseidon.

Yes dad, he is a great guy who will sav this world and he is very good and helpful.

I live up to your dreams father, I will become the strongest Demigod to walk on Earth.

After all I am your first and only child father.

I love you father for all the sacrifices you made for me.

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