Chapter 42

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 I feel a shiver run through me as I reminiscent the events of the evening. I now have even a more clear picture of why Xavier is so scared of those guys. And the name Zach- that itself sounds dangerous. I try to look normal and greet uncle and aunt as    they ask me about my day. My hands sweat as I speak out a lie.

"It was good. Normal and uneventful."

"Okay Sam, you freshen up and I'll make some tea for all of us." Aunt Martha says and I nod with a smile.

Through out the remaining day, I smile and laugh and act normal with my family but on the inside I'm nothing but anxious and scared. As the night falls, I can't help but want Xavier with me. I open my curtains and see his window shut. I don't think he will come tonight. He must be in a turmoil right now and if I'm feeling like this, I can't even come to imagine Xavier's stress right now. I have to be with him, but before that I need to make a call.

"Hey dad." I say as he picks up.

"Hey love. How are you?"

"I'm good. How is mom?"

"She is okay. She opened her eyes yesterday for few seconds and then she was back in her unconscious state."

"And you didn't even call to inform? Dad you promised that you will update me about mom regularly before you left for Texas." I say, a bit of frustration lacing my voice. After a sigh, dad speaks

"I know Sam, I know I promised. But I don't want to stress you out. I'm scared as hell and I don't want you to feel the same."

"But dad, she is my mother and I feel restless and stressed about her all the time. You not calling and updating me about it only adds to the pressure." I try to explain.

"I'm sorry kid. I will keep informing you about Andrea regularly now. Okay?"

"Thanks dad. Are you in the hospital right now?"

"Yeah, I'm right beside your mum. Watching her sleep peacefully."

"I don't know if she is awake or not but can you put the receiver near her ear? I really need to talk to her." I say, tears welling up in my eyes.

"Okay, okay hun. Hang on for a sec." Dad says and his voice is hoarse from what I feel is sadness. I wait as I hear some shuffling and then the sound settles.

"Hey mumma bear, its been long huh? I bet you miss me and my gossip. Dad isn't as entertaining as I am, is he?" I try to joke but my voice cracks. I take a deep breath and talk again,

 "Don't do this mom, don't do this. Don't just- just give up. You're strong right? I can't imagine my life without seeing you everyday and knowing that you have my back mumma. Please don't do this to me, please." I say and break into tears. My lips quiver as I fumble for words. "Mom you have to come back. After opening your eyes, smiling that small smile and giving us hopes, you can't even think of leaving us now. I am not letting you go. I know you are so tired to fighting but please keep going on, let the medicines help you. I feel so helpless mom, I feel so helpless." I groan in pain as my pent up emotions all flow freely now. I cry harder now, not even being able to speak now. I hold my phone, crying and imagining my mother's sleeping form. I hear shuffling again and dad speaks,

"Hey hey hey baby girl, you need to stay firm and strong okay? Don't cry Sam. You mum  will be fine. I won't let my sweet heart leave me and you alone okay? Don't cry honey please." Dad says soothingly and his words give me the tiniest bit of comfort. I wipe my tears and take another deep breath, restoring my voice.

"Yes dad. I won't cry. Take care dad, love you." I say, trying to sound normal.

"Bye hun. Love you too." Dad says and hangs up. I blink and sniffle, trying to get hold of my emotions and pray a silent prayer for mom. I walk near my stairs and shout,

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