Chapter Six» Always

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As the night fell; even the stars hid away. Their beauty lost in the darkness. Unable to shine. Unable to guide a traveller Home.

A cold breeze fell through the land as the grandfather clocked ticked lightly. Depriving my sleep away, whilst I lay on the bed, motionless.

Soft rigged breaths created a unique pattern against the ticking. Both measuring times. Both having their purpose. My once large hazel eyes; that always laughed with happiness had now  lost the spark. The spark my brother Arman promised I shouldn't lose. Even through the dark; the pain held inwards was impossible to mask.

I could hear the door opening slowly; the lights of the hallways shinning inside. Closing my eyes tightly. I  allowed my breathing to relax, even though a battle was being waged within. The once quite eerie room was now accompanied by loud footsteps, making me grip on the blanket tightly covering my form.

The laughter and music that was a means of celebration and unity between the couple had quiten down. Even though the crowd around me  smiled with joy and happiness; I  couldn't bring my self to smile in those moments.

The slamming of the door nearly had my heart jumping out as my form shook lightly. My legs weakening. Like those of a jelly. Unable to contain itself.

Even with my eyes shut; I  could feel his intense gaze. Not allowing my breathing to come out normal. I was sure it had striked  one in the morning yet sleep had ran away.

The only thoughts of comfort I now had was seeing my family in a few hours. I  would be able to stay with them. Even if it's for a few days; I  would be able to relive my  once loved life. A life I cherished more than anything. And as the thought of meeting my family and  loved ones bombarded me.

Sleep slowly sinked in on. Allowing me  to relax. Peace finally falling upon her. Yet Little did I  know. My days of happiness were numbered.


The soft melodic voice echoed through each corners. The Azaan- call to prayer rang loudly throughout the large mansion as everyone prepared for the first prayer and for the big day ahead.

I  could feel my  body relax as I sat on the prayer Matt. Facing the kabah in the holy City of Makkah.

I  had always prayed that one day, I would be able visit Saudi Arabia and perform pilgrimage also known as Hajj; but with  Abba's arthritis and the cost of Hajj getting higher each year. It was very challenging yet I prayed.

Hajj was one of the Five pillars in Islam. It is said one must perform Pilgrimage once in a lifetime if they are physically and financially capable, though with the high cost. Not many people would be given that chance.

Turning my head to the right shoulders I whispered Assalam-Alaikum (Peace be upon you) before doing the same process on my left shoulder.

When one finishes their prayer- Salah also widely known as Namaz. They offer their greetings to the two angels on their shoulders; whom write their good deeds and bad.

A soft knock erupted throughout the  room as I slowly  raised my  hands in a crescent like shape; offering a quick prayer before standing up.

" Come in" I said softly as the door opened. I could See Aunt Farah stand at the door way. Her hands holding a large silver box as she smiled at me, walking in to the room.

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