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Jinx frowned deeper than I thought any human possible and turned around to face me, her gothic lazy husky voice slightly tempered her anger, "Do you have another plan to get out of here?"

"No," I answered placidly playing with the pup's little paws, "It's the roof or nothing."

"Well I'll be damned." Brittany hissed as she rubbed her fist on her thigh and looked around for another escape.

And she was right. Jinx along with Brittany and myself, were all damned, it seemed. Because when the second howl came, it came with a vengeance. It was so chilling it felt like my blood had frozen over in my veins, leaving me a shivering mess.

But what was worse was the sudden response. We all threw a horrified glance at the puppy that stood defiantly in Jinx's lap

a n d    h o w l e d    b a c k .

Brittany's hands went straight to the puppy's muzzle. The howl was muffled, but the stupid little creature kept on howling. When it finally stopped all three of us turned to the slide-door to the cupboard we'd locked ourselves into. 

I strained my ears to listen for anything else.

There was nothing but silence, and that's what scared me the most. The eerie quiet right after the loud high pitched howling really rattled me.

And I guess I must have been shaking because Jinx laid her hand on my shoulder gingerly-- I shouldn't have expected much else because she was a notorious germaphobe. Or maybe she just didn't like me...

"Th-thanks..." I whispered and noted how cold her hands were. I was the first to stand. My converse thankfully didn't squeak as I made my way over to the door. I pressed my ear onto the cork-foam material that insulated the slide door. 

There was a thump. And then another. And then another. 

My heart felt like it was going to burst as it hammered away, but it wasn't long before the quiet returned.

I glanced back at Jinx and Brittany and they didn't say anything. So I gripped the padlock in my hands and took the key and unlocked it.

It opened with a sharp click.

As softly as I could I slowly slid open the door and peeked out. The small cut parallel view of art room in darkness was really creepy. I could see the dust bunnies and the spider web spiralling in the corner of the door frame, but I couldn't see anything else.

I was basically blind. There wasn't any light because this was one of the few classrooms which wasn't built with glass walls. So the moonlight remained outside.

I closed the door and slide it closed with a grunt as the door fought back a bit. There wasn't much to say when I made it back to Brittany. We had two options.

And both of them were mental.

"We can do one if two things...." I started off and Jinx held her head and sighed. I could tell she wasn't a fan of either if the options either. But  to be fair, Brittany and I were risking our lives to save her. She could at least look more deadpan-- we needed some if that i-dont-care-goth-attitude.

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