The Kitten Has Claws [Chapter 22]

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Chapter Twenty-Two

Finn barely kept himself from glaring at the arrogant man standing before him. His feelings for Violet were the only thing keeping him from giving the king a piece of his mind. "I'm sure they will arrive shortly," he said tightly, "I have no doubt that they heard you calling."

King Clovis gave Finn a black look before turning his back to him. He gave his attention to the man with dark blue hair standing next to him. "Sage, remember what we talked about." The man nodded obediently and shot a cool glance at Finn. He inclined his head politely before returning his gaze forward to the entrance.

They didn't have to wait long before Violet and Clover, followed closely by Basil and Ryder entered the entranceway. The silence was deafening as King Clovis surveyed the group haughtily. "Basil and Clover, I expect a full report on what happened later. But for now," his voice softened as he focused on Violet only, "Violet, let me see you; it's been so long."

She hesitated before taking a confident step forward with her chin held high. She refused to let her father chip away at her confidence anymore. Violet was going to prove to him that she was independent and worthy of his love, no matter what she did. He didn't look any different than we she last saw him. He still had short-cropped silver hair and piercing blue eyes.

Clovis watched his daughter with pride in his heart. He hated that he had pushed her away all those years ago and he knew it would be a while before she forgave him, but he would do his best to gain her trust. "You have grown into a beautiful woman," he said in a pleased tone. "Come here." He held his arms open for her and smiled when Violet hesitantly walked into his embrace. Holding her close he whispered for her ears only that he was sorry.

Violet knew that was the only apology she was going to get from her father, but for her, it was enough. It didn't mean that she had forgiven him that easily, oh no, she knew her father had a trick up his sleeve. He always had some hidden agenda that involved manipulating people to his will. She had no doubt that Sage was somehow a part of it.

Pulling away from her father she finally let herself look at the boy she had loved from childhood. He had grown into a man and was even more devastatingly handsome than she remembered. His blue hair had darkened to a navy almost black color and his face had lost all its soft boyishness and hardened with manhood. She noticed with some relief that his eyes were the same as she remembered: an eerie true blue with a dark ring around the irises. His perfect lips curved into a small smile when he saw her looking at him. "Hello Violet," he said huskily, doing his own quick perusal of her body.

"Hello Sage," she returned cordially. Ignoring the confused and jealous looks from Finn, she motioned towards the common room. "Shall we convene somewhere more comfortable? I'm sure you are both tired from your journey and long to sit."

Her father nodded and motioned for her to lead the way, making sure to glare at Finn one last time. When they had all taken a seat—Clovis had made sure to take the chair at the head of the room—Clovis pinned Clover and Basil with a hard look. "I would like to speak to you in private."

"Whatever you need to say to us can be said in front of them," Clover replied calmly.

His face hardened with barely leashed anger, but he didn't argue with her. "What happened?" His voice was laced with disappointment, a contrast to the cool exterior he exuded.

Basil flushed ashamedly but Clover refused to seem cowed. She gave her father a defiant look before explaining their situation and what had happened. Basil interjected with facts every once in a while; filling in the gaps she didn't know. Clover finished off with a brief explanation of how Violet had attacked and saved her. It was deathly silent in the room after their confession.

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