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Jonias McFranklyn was driving on the long Montana highway at the posted speed limit of 65 mph on the cold night of Apirl 16th, 1965 when he was killed. No one could explain what happened and there was no logical explanation as to the events of what took place and what they found. When police came to the scene the saw Jonias’ red pickup on the road parked with the drivers door wide open and the windshield busted as if someone went through it. Yet the odd part is that no body was near the car and there was no damage to the car other than the windshield. There was no blood in the windshield or on the ground and there was no blood trail from the car to the body. Traveling a good 100 feet the police came across the body of Jonias McFranklyn laying in the middle of the road. He laid with his hands folded in his lap as if in a coffin with the left half of his face just tissue and bone. At first thought the police figured he went threw the windshield but how could a man go threw his own windshield and land 100 feet ahead in perfect posture without any blood traces and half his face gone? The police were totally baffled and no one knew where to begin or what to call what they found. The man’s body was taken to a hospital where an autopsy was performed. There was no odd or abnormal thing found on him. The body of Jonias McFranklyn was laid to rest in a cemetery and his truck was impounded. After the burial the police decided to look into the matter further but knew not where to begin.

They went back to the scene and searched all over the road and on the side of it. There were no unusual traces of anything. Everything was normal and there was no signs that anything vicious ever took place. After a good week the police marked it as an unsolved case and closed it. 32 years later it was another incident that caught people not only by surprise but made some who were at the death scene of Jonias McFranklyn all those years ago. It was January 5th, 1997 on a long road in Montana. A1993 Toyota was found abandoned in the middle of the road. There was no damage to the car except the windshield which was clearly broken all the way threw as if someone went threw it. There was no blood anywhere on the vehicle or around it. The police traveled 150 feet only to come across the body of a woman. She laid in the road with her hands folded in her lap and the right half of her face was just tissue and bone. The police made the immediate conclusion that this must be the person whose car they found 150 feet back thought they could not explain how she ended up so far from her car. Upon further examination and looking further into the matter they found out the woman’s name, Sainoj Nylknarf. Sheriff Chris Virgil had been the sheriff for quite a while. He first started out as a deputy back in 1965 and was one of the men who found Jonias McFranklyn that night. When his deputies presented him with the ace of the woman he looked at her name and noticed it was the name of Jonias McFranklyn backwards. The sheriff listened to what the deputies told him and he immediately went and retrieved the Jonias McFranklyn case. Clearly this was way too eerie of a coincidence. It’s one thing to have an incident be exactly the same but to have another victim with a backwards name of the previous victim just made no sense at all.

The body of the women was given a thorough examination but nothing irregular came back just like it did 32 years prior. They had identification but no clue as to how the person got so far from their vehicle without any blood traces anywhere and half their faces missing. Sheriff Virgil spent countless hours and days at his desk looking over both cases. He found nothing other then what was there. There was no leads, no one ever came forward all those years ago and no one ever came forward now. As the sheriff sat there he tried to envision himself during the scene of the crimes. He put himself in the spot of the victims. He pictured himself flashing back and forth between driving the red pickup truck and the 1993 Toyota. He imagined reaching the very spot where both vehicles were found. He imagined he stopped there and turned the engine off. He then imagined himself getting pulled through the windshield and since there was truly no logical explanation imagined floating through the air until his body his the ground. Until his body hit the ground 100-150 feet away from the vehicle. He however then didn’t know what to think of to relive an event. He couldn’t reenact any further until something happened. He saw a florescent light beaming at him. It was then that Sheriff Virgil blacked out. Deputies came in the next morning expecting to find the sheriff at his desk but he was not there. They looked all over the office but he was not in. They called his house and places he usually may be in the morning but there was no answer and no one ever heard from him. His truck was parked in it’s usual spot. His truck was there but he was not. The deputies issued a missing persons report but they never found Sheriff Chris Virgil.

In 1998 the bodies of three people were found at an abandoned warehouse in Idaho. The bodies laid next to each other. There were two men and a woman. The man on the left had the left half his face missing with just tissue and bone and the woman on the right side had the right half of her face missing with just tissue and bone. Both had their hands folded in their laps as if they were prepared and placed in coffins. The man in the middle had no face at all, just tissue mangled and messy on bone. Unlike the other two his hands were laid out at each side of him pointing to the other two bodies in a thumb like position. The bodies however could not be identified as they were burned immediately after being found. As the bodies burned the man in the middle seemed to have something appear on his chest. Written across his chest in flames upon his charred body was the word Slitter.

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