Chapter 7: Eve

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The week flew by and frankly, I almost completely forgot about my impending doom.

I had grown significantly stronger thanks to the guys. Levi had me working harder than I think I had ever worked in my entire life. He always found a creative way to make things harder. Like swimming. Apparently, I was too good at swimming, so he invited Derek to come. Then I became too good at that, so he decided to add an extra cooler. Once I could handle that, he decided to bring some firewood in case 'we wanted a small fire at lunch.'

Derek kept feeding me carb and meat filled meals. Before, these would have gone straight to my ass, but I seemed to be burning them off faster than I could eat them. He even started making me drink these horrible protein drinks. I threw a bit of a fit which I did feel guilty about later. They were chalky and tasted of vanilla that lost its flavor. But apparently they were good for me so I did it for Derek.

Things changed.

Every day I would wake up and it was like I had taken some magic pill straight from a Harry Potter book. One morning I woke up and I could smell everything. I mean everything.

It was so overwhelming that I threw up right next to my bed. Derek rushed in, afraid that I was starting to shift. But once I was able to explain what was happening, he just died laughing.

The next day I woke up and I could see all the tiny grains in the wood planked ceiling. I mean all of them. My eyesight was better than Superman's. I just laid on my bed and stared and stared and stared at the ceiling. Levi had been hollering at me to come out for breakfast, but I was so entranced that I didn't even hear him burst through my door.

He just looked down at me like I was smoking some kind of crazy mushrooms and asked, "You alright there?"

"I can see everything."

"Ya, so can all of us girl."

"No Levi, like everything. I can see all the tiny grains in the wood!"

Levi groaned and started to walk out. "Welcome to the world of being a werewolf girl, now get your ass out of bed."

My hearing became better, so good that I could hear the crunch of leaves under a tiny rabbits foot from a good ways away. When that happened, Levi was immediately annoyed because now I could hear everything in the house so he had to keep his shit talking to a minimum.

The beast in me grew stronger. Every day she proved to be more of a challenge, and every day it took almost everything I had to beat her back.

A few times we had a close call, so close that I ended up at the other end of Levi's shotgun while Derek tried to bring me back. One time, the closest time, My fangs had fully come in and my nails started to turn into claws. It hurt so bad that I threw up on Derek's jeans.

But somehow I did it. I beat her back and told her to stay in her corner until we were ready, because otherwise, she would get us killed.

Levi didn't apologize that day, and I don't blame him. If I would have shifted, I would have died that day. I wasn't ready for it. At all.

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