Since time immemorial Pia, has a huge  crush on Lance,a gorgeous, star player jock in their school. actually she preferred it to be called love than crush, that's why everywhere lance goes she follows, every favor he asks she willingly do it even if it makes her stupid in front of his popular friends in school. until one day you're fed up of waiting of making him love you back, she is tired of always treating her his little sister, so she made a drastic move to notice her. she made him break-up his current girlfriend, until Lance found out what she have done and he was so furious he confronted and embarassed Pia to the entire school. would Pia still continue to love him or would she runaway of everything because of the embarresment he has done.


Lancelot "Lance" Chadwick - a half british half filipino,who migrated back to the philippines when he was 10 yrs old. and he is the only son and the sole heir of one of the huge advertising company not just in the Philippines but even in Europe, the Regency advertising company.

Edwin Chadwick - british guy who fell in love with a filipina. Father of Lance and the brilliant businessman behind the regency advertising company.

Elizabeth Roxas - was popular commercial model in her youthful years, the beautiful wife of Mr. Edwin Chadwick and mother of Lance.

Tamara Sophia "Pia" Alejandro - a bratty daughter of a most succesful and great doctors in the philippines. an intelligent and beautiful girl.

Atty. Alexander Solomon "Alex" Alejandro jr. - a brilliant snobbish attorney but a loving big brother of Pia.

Dra. Tamara del Fierro y Alejandro - once a part time model to pay her tuition fees in her med school day and now  a great doctor and a wonderful wife and a wonderful mother of Pia.

Dr. Alexander Solomon Alejandro - a chief of surgeon in a prestigous hospital in the philippines.

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