Madison's POV

Hi my name is Madison Collins. I'm the head cheerio and one of most popular girl in McKinley. I have a boyfriend and he is Finn Hudson, the quarterback of football team who is also popular and cute one.

"Mad, you have to know what I found." Quinn suddenly takes my hand and walks lead me.

Quinn Fabray, the co-captain of cheerio and my bestfriend. She is beautiful but she is gay. Quinn is the president of celibacy club so she avoid to sleep with any other boys and about her sexuality? Only me who knows that.

"Where are we going to?" I frown.

"We have some hot gossip for you." Santana and Brittany suddenly walk into us and smirk at me.

Santana Lopez and Brittany S. Pierce. The cheerios girls and my other bestfriend. The four of us are bestfriend. Santana is like a hot latina in between us. Many guys want to date her but now she is dating Matt Rutherford, the other football player.

And Brittany? Some people may say that she is dumb but actually she is not. Well, sometimes she can be dumb but I dont mind with that because she can dance pretty and she is dating an asian football player named Mike Chang.

"Finn, joined the glee club." Quinn whisper at me as we watching the glee club have rehearsal in auditorium.

"Spying on your leader's boyfriend, girls? Well me too." A familiar husky voice behind us.

I turn my face and Puck is there. Noah Puckerman, a hot jew, a jerk one, another football player, another popular guy, and Finn's best friend.

"Who's that hobbit girl?" I frown.

"Rachel Berry. Everyone in this school hates her except Jacob Ben Israel." Quinn explains.

I just nod and keep looking at the stage until that hobbit girl hold Finn's waist. "No! Hell no!! He touch Finn! No one is allow to touch Finn except me and his mom. No never!" I groan.

"Excuse me, Miss Collins if you make any noisy they will realize that we are spying on them." Puck says in annoying voice.

"Ugh whatever. You better shut up!" I glare at Puck.

"Your mouth can make me shut up." Puck smirks at me.

"In your dream!" I glare at Puck.

"How come Madison's mouth make Puck's mouth shut up?" Brittany asks innocently.

I just roll my eyes and keep watching them rehearsal until it's done. "Lets go, girl." I said to them and walk out from the auditorium.

"I'm curious why you spying on Finn, Puck." Santana frowns at Puck.

"Because Finn lied to me. He told me that his mom has a surgery but when I found out he went to Carmel High School last Saturday to watched Show Choir Championship." Puck explains.

Finn lying to me. He told me that he has football practice. "I will kill you, Finn Hudson!!!!" I groan.

"Whoa calm down, princess. He must be lied to you." Puck laughs.

"Ugh not funny at all!" I pouted.

Finn and I been dating since three months ago. He safe me when I almost fall from the high jump on my cheerio daily practice. Jocks and cheerios usually have same time to practice together and since that day, Finn asked me out and we are dating.

"Shall we warn that hobbit girl?" Santana asks.

"I have a better idea. We will join glee club." I smirk at them.

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