The Beginning Part 1

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Molly's POV...

I was nine years old when I saw my brothers friend when he came to visit. Jack was sixteen years old at the time. Seven years older than me.

The first time he smiled at me made my little heart flutter and I fell for him there and then as he stood in the entrance way of the house where my brother Bill was introducing him to our parents. My sister Rose stood close by and fluttered her eyelashes at him.

I called for mum when she did that as I thought she had something in her eyes.

That's what I told mum who came turned to see what all the hooplah was. When she found out I called her  over nothing, she grabbbed me by the arm and dragged me towards the back of the house and when we got to the servants retreat, she opened the broom closet and pushed me in where I fell against all the brooms and mops that were leaning against the wall then locking the door behind me.

I was kicking and screaming the place down when I realised where my mum was dragging me too.

I hated it in that closet. It was dark and scary and I think that mum liked locking me in there. I don't like being in the dark on my own. I always have and I suppose, I always will thanks to mum and this closet.

Sometimes I think that she actually hated me. It was either that or that I wasn't really their daughter. They must have brought the wrong baby home from the hospital when I was born. I never got to eat with them at dinner time and they sent me off with the servants when visitors came by.

I never understood why.

Or mum dragged me here and locked me away in this closet.

I vowed that one day when I have some kids of my own that they would never get locked away from me or anyone and I certainly will never lock them in a dark scary closet. I will love all of my babies that I want to have in the future.. all ten of them.

That's how many I was going to have.

I didn't know at the time that I was too ugly to have them. I didn't know that if I did have kids, they might turn out as ugly as me if not more uglier.

 I didn't know that if I did have kids, they might turn out as ugly as me if not more uglier

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(@DunkinsJA I hope this helps to understand how I envision Molly as a young girl. One who can stand defiantly in the storm as it falls around her.)

Story Continues...

So I couldn't take the chance and have any. I didn't want them to be treated like I had been.

But before finding out all about that, I learned all I could about Jack. My future husband. At least that was what I was calling him and I told him so too nearly everytime I saw him.

He just ruffled my hair each time before speaking to me.

" Sure thing kiddo. When you grow up we'll talk about it a bit more." Jack said to me with a smile.

"Stop indulging the brat. You'll be giving her ideas." My sister Rose had said one time when she was there and heard us talking.

Rose was always mean to me. She was always either pulling my hair or pinching me. She even got me in trouble by telling mum that I took her things when I never did and mum would lock me in the closet again after belting me with a strap.

One day I will be grown up and she won't pick on me any more.

One day.

But it was when I was eighteen when everything changed for me.

That was when I found out how they were right.  That's when I found out how ugly I was.

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