I ran out into the streets, quick enough that no-one noticed , hiding outside the doors, yup, they are there!  

At least Demetri was looking slightly sober, I growled at Reece though, he seriously needs to sort his drinking out, asshole. I looked back, and saw Demetri had actually noticed my presence, and practically flew out the door, and Jasper attacked him unsurprisingly.  

" what did I do now?" 

" the big evil was here!" 

I snatched my coat and went around to the side of the building, and hid myself with the coat and returned back. Hot crap my feet are freezing. 

" this is why I shouldn't leave you" he growled, pulling me into his arms which were so warm it hurt. Tugging my coats hood over my head. 

" it was Brad as well though Dem" 

" his brother? " 

I rolled my eyes," by the way, Steven has a black eye, I found out who's who." 

" what?" 

" don't ask" I picked up Jasper, who was also much warmer than me. 

" your feet are blue " 

" that's probably why I can't feel them then " not kidding there. 

" what?" 

" you heard me" 

" that's it, inside" 

" no, I hate pubs, I'm hardly even dressed." 

" don't worry, I'm not that drunk"  

" yeah, and your not drinking anything else while I'm here" I huffed, being led inside. Even the entrance was warm, if you really look at my coat, it actually looks like a dress... 

I was again led around the whole building, where Dan was looking extremely tired and pissed off, ad Reece was dancing around like a mad person, so I slapped him. 

" oh hey Jazzy " he slurred, pulling me into a huge hug " you look cold, " the weird frown lifted up into a smirk" I bet I could warm you up" he whispered. Drunk Reece, is really Pervy. I felt a pair of arms drag me back, 

" Reece, if anyone's doing that it's me" Definitely Demetri. " don't even try it" 

" no-one can resist me!"  

" yeah you keep thinking that" Dan scoffed

" just because you got rejected" 

Dan looked up, growling, " shut up" 

" so you and Steven both have black eyes now" I smirked. 

" what? You saw Steven!" 

" yeah, and that's why I'm here," 

" explains the lesser amount of clothing" 

" shut up" my face went red, and I'm sure my fists were doing all they could... Oh wait, they hit him. " ... Panda"  

" thanks, a lot" 

" your welcome " a smile couldn't stay off my face, aww, I've always wanted a pet panda ! 

" hey look who's come to join the party" Reece scowled.  

" the two misfits" 

" wait, who's who?" Reece frowned. 

" Steven has the black eye and the red hair." me Demetri and Brad all replied at once. 

" well that makes sense. . ." Reece frowned.  

I tugged myself closer to Demetri for comfort reasons when they came over. " we can take this outside, but you know we won't hesitate to make a scene."  

" no, we knew that ages ago."  

I held my head down though, not liking that most of the attention was on me. I'm sure no-one would enjoy it though. 

" I think it's funny when you make a scene, normally ends badly for you, which is equaling police." 

" just get your asses outside" 

" but it's cold" I muttered, knowing I was the only one bothered by this factor. 

" man up then" he growled, storming out and everyone followed apart from me, what the heck? I just sat down, I'm not going back out there, my feet are still all pale and snow white. Better but hurting. My hair was grabbed by... Brad, and e dragged me outside.  

" ow you freaking jerk!" 

" awww, a compliment"  

" get off me," 

" I'm afraid we have to leave, it's a shame, what a wonderful fight we're missing." 

Then he knocked me out halfway through my scream.  


:0 BOM BOM BOM! ! !

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