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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 2

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*Chapter Two*

+ + + Six months later + + +

Alpha's pov

After hours and hours of driving, we finally found our new home. My pack and I moved here because no werewolf pack was occupying the area. There was me, my beta and his family, and three other families. In the forest there was an estate that all of my pack could live in. My name was Jim Bronner and this was the Bronner pack.

The building was large with many rooms. The building was so big it had two kitchens. After we got settled, I called together my pack for a meeting. "This afternoon, we will go mark our terittory and hunt for our first nights meal here!"

"Who are you taking?," asked my younger brother and beta. "You and all of the males." I pulled out a map and went over the new area with everyone. It was a pretty wide area considering that no other pack lived here for miles. I looked at my watch and decided it was time to go.


Mai's pov

I watched as my son ruff housed with the other pups that were in my pack. They wrestled and bit each other ears, all in playful fun. Moon was an even gray and had a white tipped tail while his right ear was black and the other white. He had strong hazel eyes, just like his father. Moon got all of his white patches from me because I was a completely snowy white wolf. My eyes the color of a full moon, silver. If it were snowing you wouldn't even be able to see me.

It was about time we hunted for the nights food. I take a couple of males with me and leave my son with the other mothers until I returned from the hunt. I sniffed the air catching the deers scent. Running closer to them I come to an abrupt stop. I sniff the air . . . . . . Werewolves.

I broke my group in half, telling one to take down two deer while the rest of us stayed to see why there were werewolves in the forest. I told my group to spread out and blend in and be prepared to retreat. I knew wild wolves could probably never take on a werewolf. I hid behind a tree, a very big one because Im bigger than the average wolf. I watched as a large dark brown wolf come from behind a bush with four other - slightly smaller - wolves come from behind. The dark brown wolf was obviously the alpha. What was surprising though, was that I was bigger than him, a little over twice his size.

In the distance, I hear the other group of wolves catch our dinner. Then there was a loud growling noise coming from the large dark brown wolf. Did he feel offended that we scared off the game? I watched him carefully and it seemed he was going to scare my group of hunters that went in for the kill. I growled a thunderous warning growl. I could feel the rumble in my chest. I ordered everyone to head back and when they started leaving, I came from behind the tree. I stood my full height and stared them down before turning and returning to my pack.


Jim's pov

I trotted towards the scent of deer with my bother Tom and the others. I avoided an oncoming bush in my path. 'Alpha, I smell wolves,' my beta stated. Just after he spoke, I saw a group of wolves take down two deer and scaring off the rest. What are we going to eat now, I thought. We have to hunt down more game now and the more I thought about it the angrier I became. I growled at the group, ready to scare them a little just for payback when an thunderous growl shook the earth below my paws. Soon afrer, an enormous white wolf with pure silver eyes came from behind a tree standing its full height to intimidate us. I wont lie and say it didn't work, I mean the wolf was over twice my size. And I thought I was big. It then proceeded to trot back to were it came from.

I stood there speechless to the sight I saw. The only thing I could think was: did I really just see that?


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