Chapter 7

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I went to woke up early not wanting to hear the glorious sound of shrieking... I grab my towel and headed to the bathroom, I brush my teeth, took a shower and all.

I went downstairs to prepare something to eat and I don't give a single shit about their breakfast, like I mean, what am I? A sexy maid? Yes I know I'm fucking sexy and all but being a maid?! No way in hell! I, a vongola decimo from another parallel world is not a a fucking maid!

..... okay looks like I cuss to much but I love it.. I made an extra bento for my darling, and that's when I only realize that Kyoya is sleeping upstairs.. I facepalm at my stupidity as I scurried to my room. Once I opened my room what greeted me is a grumpy Kyoya. I let out a chuckle as I wrap my arms around his neck, he stare at me for an few seconds as I slowly peck his pink lips, he was stunned at what I did.

" Omnivore, give me a reason on why I shouldn't kill you now" he said, his cheeks slightly turning pink. " I just like to kiss you darling, is it bad?" I ask, he let out a sigh, to my surprise he wrap his arm on my waist also "hn" that's only his reply I smiled at him and kiss him again but this time he kissed back..

Oh forgot to tell ya guys that I'm Bisexual ( ^∇^)

I took his hand and led him down stairs after he took his morning routine though " let's go darling, you don't want us being late right?" I ask , he grunted in response.
We went to school enjoying the morning breeze, I felt his hands on mine, I smiled slightly as I intertwined mine to him...
'Same old Kyoya, always love to hold my hand in private ' I thought to myself remembering the good times that the older Kyoya and I had..

I came to a stop when I realised that I was zoning out, " usagi, are you alright?" Kyoya ask, with a hint of worry on his voice. I gave him a reassuring smile telling that I'm good, I wave at him signaling him that I'm going, before I could go I forgot something...





Oh wait it's inside my bag haha silly me.
I went back to Kyoya as I handed him my homemade bentos he gave his usual response, I Peck him on the cheek as a 'see-you-later ' kiss

I went straight to our classroom before I could enter I saw Takeshi looking down, I notice that his not smiling like usual, when he saw me he gave me a wide smile and I could tell that its fake, I frowned and went towards him..


I saw Sawada walking towards me and this is the first time I could see him this close though, and I could tell that he's really pretty, making all the girls get jealous of him.. before I could ask on what's wrong, he cut me up " Yamamoto-kun, it's not nice that you fake smiling" he said frowning lightly, 'what's this feeling? ' I thought because I suddenly felt guilty..

" So please smile, your genuine smile Yamamoto-kun, and I could tell that your having problem " he said smiling, wow bulls eye! He got it! I was stunned to be honest, I tried my best not to let my tears to fall but it's too late it's already flowing. " Shhh... there there my little rain, I, your beloved sky will always be by your side like the others.."

he said gently petting my hair I calmed down , and stare at him for a second and before I could react henkissed me on my forehead, I could feel my face burning.. "w-w-wha?!" I stutter he giggle and left me burning from blushing, once I recovered I smiled and ran after him..

Tsuna's P.O.V

After waiting for a few minutes, class began to start, I glance at my brothers sit and I saw that it's empty, I let out a sigh, I stare out the window and saw my idiotic brother got bitten to death by my darling..

I laugh softly, after a few minutes the door came bursting open revealing my half dead brother limping inside, few snickers at home and a few gave him a worried look, I tried my best not to laugh though.. and that's when I finally lost it, I laugh loudly and all my classmates except Takashi look at me like I was insane " THE HELL YOU'RE LAUGHING AT?!" some of bully yelled... what was his name again? Izu! Yay! Izu!

" Hahaha Sorry looking at my pathetic brother crawled like a fucking slug is so~ funney ~" I said while laughing, " DAMEN-TSUNA! DON'T YOU DARE MAKE FUN OF YOUR BROTHER! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU EVEN BROTHER'S?! BE GRATEFUL THAT I-" before he could even finished on what his saying , the demon itself showed itself, all of my classmates froze in fear. I smiled brightly as I ran into him

" Darling!" I shouted as I hug him, he smiled slightly and an Idea came to my head.. " neh~ darling, did you know.. t-that N-Nezu-S-sensei h-h-humiliate m-me.. a-and a-all o-of them m-made fun o-of me... I-I only l-laugh.. and h-he e-even t-tried to h-harassed m-me " I said fake tearing...I fake sob as I hug him tightly fake trembling, I could tell that all of my classmate fear for their life now.. hahaha

'Looks like reborn transfered some of his sadistic nature into me' I thought, Kyoya lifted my chin up and gently wipe my tears away, he's already scowling and glare at Nezu, he back away from us as Kyoya went near him. " Herbivore, for making MY usagi cry, I'LL BITE YOU TO DEATH!" he growled menacing as he beat the hell out of our sensei, I smirk deviously as I was enjoying the scene, I went back to my 'cry-baby-mode' when Kyoya came back to me.

He ruffled my hair while smirking " don't worry usagi, if someone dared to bully you, you know who to call" he said I smiled and he left, I faced my classmate and smirk at them " heh~ looks like I'll tell my darling on what you guys did to me" I said still smirking, some of them already fainted while some of them tried their best not to wet themselves

I stare at the tree outside as I sense his flame, I smirk and wave at him..


I'm more than impressed on what did Tsunayoshi had done, I could tell that he already has full control on the demon prefect itself... He also saw where I was and wave at me, I smirk at that because his H.I is stronger than Baka-Hiro..

'Your one interesting being you are Tsunayoshi Sawada'


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