Chapter 1- Prodigy

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He's heard the rumors, but to see Iwaizumi show any interest is enough to spark his own.

"How have you not heard them?"

The ace asks, raising an eyebrow.

Oikawa huffs slightly. Of course he's heard them. It's the one topic that has taken top priority with the girls in school. Honestly, that's part of the reason he had decided to ignore them. It's selfish of him and even childish, but he's just so used to being the thing girls talked about most at school. It had been two years that the girls of Seijo had been following him around and talking non-stop about him; cut him a little slack.

"Why are you so interested suddenly?"

Oikawa grumbles, looking at his long-time friend with a hint of annoyance. Iwaizumi catches this and responds with a swift kick to Oikawa's shins. The setter lurches forward with a yelp and Iwaizumi sighs.

"I like music. I went and peeked into the music club room yesterday after practice. She's really good."

So what exactly are these rumors? Well, it's simple. One of the students, just one out of the many that attend Seijo, is a musical prodigy. Nobody's bothered on seeing who, but someone stays after club activities end and practices in the music club room. Well, it doesn't really seem like practice; who ever it is never seems to make mistakes. And it's not just one instrument. People have been talking about violin, piano, guitar, flute- you name it and they've probably heard this mysterious person play it.

The music, and rumors, have only started this year, so it can probably be concluded that it's a first-year. To think someone so young can hold so much talent...They have to be a prodigy. There's no way anyone in the whole school would accept anything other than that.

"She's pretty, too."

Iwaizumi snaps Oikawa out of his thoughts and he seems a little taken back by the fact that his best friend admitted something like that with such a straight face.

"Iwa-Chan, I think you may be the only person to have peeked into the music room and see that it's a girl."

The other boy raises an eyebrow and thinks about this.

"Now that I think about it, maybe. But you just admitted that you have heard the rumors."

Oikawa huffs again and looks away stubbornly.


"You really shouldn't stay after practice with your knee hurting like it has been."

Iwaizumi says with a little irritation in his voice, but Oikawa waves this off.

"I'll be fine. I won't stay long."

He doesn't even look at Iwaizumi, and the ace just shrugs. He's known him long enough to know that he's not going to get talked out of it.

"Clean up when you're done."

He says as he walks away, sighing slightly.

Honestly, Oikawa has no intentions of staying later than half an hour. He just wants the chance to see this mysterious girl(that has somewhat taken a bit of his fame) play when nobody else is around.

He can hear it as soon as he starts to approach the music room. A peaceful little tune played in that distinctive violin sound. As he gets closer, he can hear more than just the violin. He's guessing that the girl, if it's truly her that he's hearing, is playing along with an audio recording. What ever it is, it's beautiful.

Luckily, the door's only cracked open a little bit- just enough for him to peek inside and not be seen himself. He's not stupid enough to deny that his stealth skills are crap.

His breath hitches when he peeks inside. There sits a girl sitting poised on a stool and swaying gracefully along with the music coming from the instrument in her hands. He's seen a lot of girls in the 18 years he's been alive, but this one is by far the most beautiful he's seen. Simply calling her "pretty" would be doing her an injustice.

She doesn't hold that somewhat artificial beauty most girls his age have with all of their makeup and such. No, this beauty's natural. As far as he can tell, there's not a speck of makeup on her face. Well, there might be. All he can see is the side of her profile, and her eyes are closed. Honestly, he'd give just about anything to see her from the front.

His heart lurches when a soft smile graces the girl's lips as she lifts the bow from the strings, ending the song.

'God, she's absolutely breathtaking.'

He thinks, stepping away from the door. Another song begins and, in that moment, Oikawa promises himself something.

This won't be his last time listening to the girl play. Not at all.

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