CHAPTER 52 Pick A Goal & Fix It In Your Mind

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"What else is there to heart is bleeding."


Mom was back at home. But she wasn't better. She wasn't "fixed". It was great to have her home but tormenting to see her so uncomfortable. You'd think if anyone could get the shit moving, it would be the Hospital.


What was there left to try?

Nothing. So we wouldn't be taking her back to the Hospital. We now knew they had nothing to offer us, except more medications, tests, poking and prodding, and opinions. Tough lesson to learn. But there it was. For all their, "WE KNOW EVERYTHING", they didn't. Part of me was surprised they didn't have more and another part of me was glad we wouldn't be going back.

Now it was waiting until the Doc was back in his office before we could take Mom in. At least at the Doc's there were other options.

I never once, in the decade we had been his patients, ever heard him say, "That's all I got. I don't have any other ideas."

Not. Fucking. Once. Ever. Now, he had some strange stuff in his bag of tricks. I'm sure the kind of stuff Western Medicine would take issue with. But ya know what, at least his stuff worked and there weren't side effects of "ruptured spleen" for example, like there was for some of their pharmaceutical medications.

Mom started throwing up a lot, which was unpleasant to see. She was backed up in her bowels and now she was throwing up as well. But it wasn't food stuff. It was a dark green. So, other than her being unable to take a decent shit, and throwing up, she was fine.

We had to wait it out. It was time for "wait and see pudding".

I was trying to heal myself.

How do you heal in the heat of battle?

How do you regain your strength when there is no one else to carry your load?

You don't. All you can do is try to heal on the fly.



Mom's brave face

Days Juicing: 75

Poor Mom had been throwing up all day.


Days Juicing: 75

Here's part of the update:

There is more...everything is moving rather quickly.

Right now, Mom is EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Dad didn't get much sleep last night, and he's not expecting much tonight. She's been throwing up, off and on, today. We suspect her liver and or gallbladder.

Her gut is very tight, the hospital does not believe it has to do with lymphoma, we're doing massages to try and help it open up and flow as it should.

We are not going to take Mom back to the hospital, as we do not believe they can give her the help she needs.

So, tomorrow morning first thing, we're taking her to our Chiropractor/Family Doc/Healer, who we've been in contact with all weekend. He is not alarmed with what's happening with Mom. So we're trying not to be either.

My brother left today to travel back down south.

I have been very sick, the stress is not helping, and Dad's stressed out and running on very little sleep.

Our whole family is very emotional.

We're running on nearly empty. It is EXTREMELY upsetting to see Mom SO uncomfortable. She is not in pain though (like she was when we admitted her to the hospital last weekend).

I have other things to tell you...but they're going to make me upset to write them out. And I'm not ready to be more upset, than I already am.

We appreciate all the supportive thoughts, and prayers. You don't have to say you're "sorry", in fact I'd almost appreciate you not saying it. To say you're thinking about Mom/us is enough.

I'm trying to catch up on uploading my photos too.

I'd like to acknowledge my cousin, Matt, for turning us on to juicing. JUICING WORKS! WE HAVE MEDICALLY PROVEN IT AND HAVE SHOCKED AN ENTIRE HOSPITAL!

And to Jeff and Maria, my aunt and uncle, who bought us the juicer!

Blessings to you and yours,

c :)

Juice Day 75

4 leaves collard greens

4 carrots

3 apples

4 leaves red leaf lettuce

1 tablespoon ginger

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