Chapter 1

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#After Eight Years#

*Andrew Pov*

I walked inside the bank and saw everyone turning towards me like there was a buzzer by which they know they have to turn and look at me.

I shook my head and walked near to the withdrawal counter standing in the line, ignoring everyone else.

"Excuse me? Are you from here?" one man standing before me asked.

"No!" I replied regretting for even choosing a small town to do this stupid thing.

I took a deep breath, controlling the anger and waited, hoping the line will lessen soon and I can leave from here finishing my work.

"I heard that you are not from here. You seem to be not from here too." Someone commented from before which I as usual ignored.

It seems like ignoring became my hobby and I get to do it most of the time. I sighed in relief when I reached the counter and placed the slip near him on which account number and amount is written.

He looked at the fully crumbled paper which has a few cuts on different sides here and there before glancing at me.

"What?" I asked when he just continued to glance at me.

"Your account sir?" he asked and I nodded before taking out the check I have written to withdraw.

"Here! And make it fast." I ordered feeling irritated with everyone around me.

"Sure, sir!" he nodded immediately after typing something and he himself left to bring the money from another counter.

"You are from the army?" someone whispered, making me still in my place.

"What?" I asked, turning towards an old man standing beside me.

"You are looking like that and even your voice. If you are not, then you should join. Our country needs as much help as it can and you seem to be a very capable officer if given chance." He replied smiling while I just stared at him.

"I am not saying that we are in danger. We have the great Sergeant major of the army. We all are nothing but safe from the time the Sergeant major got promoted to command sergeant major and now to this." He added with complete happiness on his face.

"You seem to know too much about the army." I pointed out with suspicion.

"Yeah! My grandson is working in the army and like me he is also Victor's fan." He explained and I felt my hands fisting hearing his name.

"Don't you think we are safe even in a small town like this because of such great person like Victor?" he asked enthusiastically like he wish to bring everyone into his circle to accept his words.

"Your money, sir!" I heard the banker and took it, still staring at the old man.

"Had he again started about the great Victor? He is always like this. It is not like we don't accept his words, but he even went ahead to put a Victor sir photo in every place as he can. He even put one in this bank fighting our manager." The banker continued and I turned towards him before glancing at the place he is pointing out.

And there was a big frame of the bastard. I walked towards the photo ignoring everything else they are saying how great the man is and now lucky they are to have him as army leader.

"Sir! You can't do this." I said following him inside the office coming out of the shock of him saying about my demotion.

"I don't want to discuss anything else. I need to prepare for my daughter's funeral." He said lifting the phone.

"But sir..." I said and he immediately turned around slamming the phone with a few tears covering his eyes.

"What? What else do you have to say? Because of your carelessness I have lost my daughter here." He said glaring at me and we heard a sound and I turned to see Mark entering the room.

"Sir! If I am with them, then why would I tell you that I have some important information regarding the terrorists?" I asked him frowning.

"When did you tell me about any important information? Is it new plan of yours to get here again by giving some stupid information?" he asked with a hard expression and I stared at him with shock.

"Sir! I called you and told you immediately." I repeated, but he shook his head.

"Make sure he is sent away this moment. I don't want to hear any of his lies." Victor said, turning around and Mark immediately held me before dragging me outside.

"I never expected this from you, Andrew. It is a good thing that you don't have parents otherwise they would have died of shame." Mark said and pushed me away from the steps.

"Don't forget to follow the protocol otherwise I will be the one who will shoot you on the spot with a single mistake from you. Try to not help those terrorists." He added before taking away all my badges and walked away.

"Andrew!" Sam and Peter said, walking near to me, but I shook my head before turning around and walked away from the dream I had from the time I was just a kid.

"You bastard!" I screamed at the photo before hitting it with my fist again and again, even after the frame broke along with glass.

"I will kill you." I shouted again and pounding on the photo more until I can't see his face clearly with red stains covering up the photo.

I fumed at it before turning away and walked outside, ignoring the shocked looks from everyone.

One day I will get a chance and I will kill you with my hands before I die. That is my only wish and I will fulfill it for sure.

I started the boat and started driving fisting the steering thinking again and again how he deceived me and this country.

I shook my head reaching the forest and stopped the boat in a safe place. I got down and pulled it onto the land before tying it to a tree.

It will definitely take a few days to reduce all this anger. I think I should think about my plan to reach near him and kill him for once.

I nodded to myself and started thinking how to kill him making him feel how I felt being called as a nothing but terrorist and murderer and demoted without hearing anything from my side.

In the middle of this thinking I felt something falling into my hands. I frowned and thought of dropping it, but then glanced down feeling a slight doubt.

My eyes widened, looking at a girl with a bruised face and many other small wounds along with her dress torn at many parts.

"Help me!" she whispered and drifted off into unconsciousness.

I just stared at her not knowing what to even do, but then lifted her up into my arms before continuing my journey towards the hut along with looking around for the possible danger.

Who is she? And what is she doing on this island where I have never seen a man for the past five years I am staying.

Who harmed her like this and what help and from whom does she need the help? Again, who is she? I thought and continued to walk.


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