Chapter One

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I was sitting on the green grass of Griffith Park leaning against a tree reading a book, which I was interesting. This Friday is sunny, unlike last Friday that it rained a lot. I'm using a wheeled dress with flowers and a white shoe. Watching so it's not like I 'm a normal girl upper-middle class, but no, I'm the host of a popular TV program in Los Angeles that airs every Saturday at nine o'clock.
I like my job, except that many boys give me some sung bland - which is not very pleasant . - My relationships never work, what I mean is that there was only one or two weeks. It was never true love between another boy and I, because I do not believe in true love. I do not believe that a simple "I love you" that can be said for many other girls besides me. My take on this is the most "unwanted" according to my colleagues, but doing what? The belief is becoming. I looked at my watch and it was already eleven in the morning, the time passed quickly. I got up with pain in the legs become much time sitting, but after stretching me more the pain has gone. I gathered my belongings and I began to walk the path that leads to the entrance of the park where my car. I entered it and went home.
I got home around noon and when I opened the door I felt a pleasant smell of food coming from the kitchen . Lissa - the maid - was preparing some of their delicious recipes for lunch. I put my book on the shelf and went to the kitchen.

- Hello Casey - Lissa said placing a plate on the table.
- Hi Lissa. You will not have lunch with me ? - I asked grabbing my plate and going to serve me.
- Oh really? I thought ... - Lissa started to say, but I interrupted.
- You know you can do whatever you want. I would never deny anything to you.
- Thanks Casey, you are a very kind person. May God reward you what I can not . - Lissa said taking the plate and going to serve. I sat in front of him.

Lissa had prepared spaghetti for lunch, really was a delight.

- Who will you interview tomorrow? - Lissa asked me.
- Mmm ... I do not remember very well, I think it's Andy Biersack. - I said thoughtfully.
- Is he handsome? - Lissa asked making a funny facial expression that made ​​me laugh.
- I've seen some pictures of him these days and it is rather beautiful, but he is married to a woman I do not remember the name, but will be there too. - I said it once and I was almost out of breath, then shrugged.
- Jeez. But tell me... when you will find your "other half"? - Lissa asked smiling.
- I do not know, but when I find, I want to last more than a week. Just so I can say that true love exists. But and you? - I said and gave him a wink to Lissa.
- Curled up with a man ... I do not know if I really want it ... I 'm not ready for another relationship after what happened with John. - Lissa said and lowered his head then pushed the plate with his hand.

Lissa has twenty-seven years and was married to John, a handsome man of thirty years. But the happiness was short-lived three months after the wedding, John found he had cancer. The cancer ended his life in less than seven months, Lissa feels sad yet.

- I know it's hard, but try ... John wants to see her happy. - I said and smiled genuinely, giving Lissa a vote of confidence.
- Thank you Casey - Lissa thanked him and I nodded.

After lunch, I went to my room and Lissa went to her home to rest. I was listening to music as usual and so was the rest of the afternoon. The night had dinner and went to bed on Saturday would be a long day.

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