First Base

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First Base

"Can I kiss you?"

You turned to your side, blinking at the male at his sudden question. The golden brown eyes of Miyuki Kazuya looked deep into yours, radiating an invisible force that was pulling you closer to him. Thankfully, you were able to resist it and turned away from him, completely ignoring the catcher.

He chuckled with a hint of irritation at your response, scooching closer to you. "Nee~ Don't be so mean..." He whined. "Just one?" He pleaded, pushing his face closer to yours.

You leaned your face away from him, telling him no. The warmth of his breath brushed against your skin, making you swallow at the feeling it stirred within you. He seemed to have noticed your flushed face and decided to lean closer, teasing you with only his breath.

You call him an idiot, stuttering horribly as you told him to stop, and pushed his face away with your palm. You couldn't even look at him because of how embarrassed you were. You started to blame the summer heat for the burning sensation on your cheeks (even though you were both in your air conditioned room) muttering nonsense to make your embarrassment disappear.

You gasped at the sudden sensation on your palm, nearly jumping up on your feet. The hair on your body stood straight up, like a stray cat's fur when provoked. You whipped your head to Miyuki to find him planting soft kisses on your palm.

Your face instantly became hotter than the hottest day of summer. You stuttered his name out loud, trying to pull your hand away from him. He grabbed onto your wrist, not allowing you to do so. You let out an involuntary mewl as he gently pressed his lips on the space between your fore and middle finger.

You reached out your other hand, trying to push him stop him from kissing your anymore. The sounds you were making were slowly killing you. Unfortunately for you, he grabbed your other hand with his free hand, stopping you from pushing him away. Being the active athlete he was, his strength was something you could never compete against. Yet, you still try.

Miyuki continued to work his lips on your palm, looking up to your eyes as he did so. You could see the hunger in his eyes and you could feel yours building up within you as well. You looked away from his eyes, afraid that if you did continue to do so he could devour you. You bit onto your lower lip in attempt to suppress the lewd noises you were making.

You were already panting when he moved away from your palm, wearing a proud grin. Your mouth twitched in irritation as he leaned closer to your face, obviously enjoying teasing you.

"So, can I kiss you?" He asked again, nose hovering just a few millimeters away from yours. You could almost feel his lips trace yours as he spoke. You scowled but agreed, reminding him that it's just one kiss. His lips pulled into a wider smirk, in which you wrinkled your nose in annoyance.

He leaned forward, pressing your slightly parted lips together. You subconsciously sighed into his mouth at the sensation of his soft lips, hands wrapping around his waists naturally. He placed a hand on your neck, while the other roamed to the back of your head, losing his fingers in your soft locks.

He tilted your head a little, making it easier for himself as he slipped his tongue into your mouth. Your tongue moved on instinct, sliding around each other as if they were checking each other out. You clenched onto the sides of his shirt as he managed to conquer your mouth, licking the insides of your cheeks.

He pulled your closer as he got a little rougher with his kiss. His tongue moved to your lips, drawing onto their shape. You shivered a little at the skilled movements of his tongue, making you let out a tiny moan. He took the opportunity to suck on your lips, sinking his teeth playfully into them as he pulled onto them. Even with your eyes closed, you could still see that annoying smirk on his face.

You reached out to his lips before he could go far, catching his lower lip with your teeth. He let out a low grunt, which encouraged you to return the favor. You sucked onto his lip, teasing him as if you were about to let go before taking his mouth in again.

You pulled his body closer and he tugged onto your hair a little more as the kiss continued. Each time your lips crash, each time your tongues danced, the sloppier the kiss became. You both could feel the slight burning sensation building on your lips as you pulled away, panting.

Miyuki stared into your eyes as he tried to catch his breath. "What happened to just one?" He chuckled before burying his face into your neck. You scowled and told him to shut up, embarrassed by your own actions.

He laughed into your neck and planted kisses there, making you shiver once more. You put your hands on his shoulders, trying to push him away without any prevail. Lascivious sounds left your lips as he traced his tongue along your neck. With the cool air from the air conditioner, the trail of saliva he left on your neck made you breathe in deeper. He then sinks his teeth into your skin gently before sucking onto it, making your squirm. You could feel the bruise forming on your neck, that lovely mark that indicates that you were his. 

He tightened his hold onto you, not allowing you to run away. You called out to his name, unable to control your moan as you did so and told him to stop. You pushed his shoulders but your hands were too weak to have an effect on him. He growled into your neck and held your tighter.

"Just one more." 

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