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(I have zero idea how tapings go, like at all. I'm making this up out of the top of my head so please don't be offended or upset if this is completely wrong. Just pretend:) ps it's 2 am so no proof reading for meee. Sorry for mistakes)

The love taping of Girl meets world is coming to an end. They just called Rowan and everyone is hugging and stuff.

Corey then hugs Rowan and I yell out Riarkle.

Everyone stops to stare at me. "Oh... Did I say that out loud?" I awkwardly chuckle, already feeling the heat of the room rise.

"Carry on!" I say and silently judge myself for being such a fan girl.

I notice Corey looking over at me repeatedly and begin to wonder if it was all in my head. I mean, is it me he's looking at.

I turn around to see if there might be someone else catching Corey's eye, but nope. I turn back around and he's still staring at me.

"Okay..." I say to myself. I awkwardly wave at him and he jumps a bit and turns to talk to Rowan again.

'I'm so seeing things." I think to myself.

"Hey, mom. Can I have a piece of gum?" I ask her considering she never leaves the house without gum in her purse.

"Yeah sure, just one second." She answers.

"Okay, row 7. You are the last group and have 10 minutes to greet the cast."

"Oh my god, I'm gonna meet them!" I panic.

"Go ahead sweetie, have fun! Oh, and here's your gum."

She places it in my palm and I slowly walk down the stairs. Unwrapping and chewing the gum, I fold the wrapping paper into an airplane and toss it.

"What the hell?" I hear from right next to me. Alarmed, I turn around to an unhappy Corey Fogelmanis rubbing his eye. My stomach drops and I'm frozen.

He just gives me an irritated look. "Oh, it's you."

I furrow my eyebrows and look at him. "Yeah, it is me. Problem?" I ask putting a hand on my hip.

"Nothing at all Ms. Riarkle." He says rolling his eyes.

I smirk before I begin again. "Oh. You're just salty because Riarkle is endgame aren't you? What do you ship Rucas?"

"Pffttt, no! Rilaya is canon, mark my words cutie." He said with a bright smile. Woah, I think he no longer hates me.

Wait a minute. My celebrity crush just freaking called me a cutie. What. Is. Air.

I just smiled and hoped I didn't look too star-struck. I mean, I shouldn't. What I love about Corey is that he's just a normal guy.

But he's one of the rare normal guys. Ones who believes gender roles suck and privileges do exist. One who believes in stuff most guys his age don't because 'that's lame' or whatever excuse the average fuckboys can come up with.

So no, I'm not star-struck. But I do have a crush on him and I'm freaking awkward so I'm probably not helping myself anyways.

Coming back into reality, I high-fived him. "YES, Rilaya is my second favorite ship!"

"I might have misjudged you shipper." He complemented me once again.

"Shipper? Would it interest you in knowing my name?" I chuckled.

"Well...." He dragged it out. "If I must." He whined ending it with a chuckle.

"Wait I have an even better idea." He said.

"And what might that be?" I questioned.

"Umm, come with me." He said hurriedly. He jumped over the railing fans are not allowed to go behind and when I came to it, he stared at me.

"Well are you coming or what?" He quizzed. My eyes opened wide as an indication that I wasn't willing to get in trouble.

He rolled his eyes. "You're fine. I'm asking you to come back here so you can."

"Okay, I'm trusting you here." I said uneasily.


"Well, you make it easy Mr. Polaroid."

"Times up!" A guard yelled. I nervously glanced at the guy and looked back at Corey.

Grinning even wider he watched me climb over the railing and follow him. "Okay, let's go."

We weaved our way through the sets and it was so weird seeing everything up close and being in places where I could only come in contact with in my dreams.


What's your fave ship on GMW?

My answer: Riarkle! The dang ship is running my freaking life.

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