Chapter 1

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Jessica and Crystal where walking to the bus stop on crisp fall day.

" did you start your homework yet?" Said Crystal to Jessica.

" what you didn't even start yet?" " we are going to school right now!!!!"

" So, I hate homework and I didn't want to do it."

" you do know all of the teachers are going to be mad at you it counts as like 50% of your grade."

"I know so can I copy down your answers?"


" please?"

" pretty please!!!!!!!"


" PLEASE!!!!"

" fine but here comes the bus we better run if we want to catch it."

" thanks. I'll do it on the bus"

Just the bus arrives and the bus driver opens the door and let's the kids in. Their hands start to warm up as the leave the chilly fall weather to the warm heated bus.

( gag) school. Has comes a another day of dreaded school.

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