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I looked into her dark chocolate eyes that were filled with confusion and hate. She walked into the room shutting the door behind her and sat down in one of the chairs in front of my desk.

I was about to say something but she beat me to it, "That was quite disrespectful what you said to me in the hallway. I apologize for bumping into you but I will never be called out my name by an arrogant rich boy."

"Just please have a seat Ms.Jones, so we can get this over with." I spat at her.

I had no clue to why I was being so rude to her, but it all just happened so fast I had no control over it.

She closed her eyes and took a couple deep breathes before opening them again. They studied me for a couple seconds before she quickly looked down at her hands.

"So tell me about yourself Ms.Jones."

After about 30 minutes of speaking with Emani. Emani. He name sounded so good in my thoughts. I quickly brushed those thought to the back of my head and circled her name of the piece of paper I had been taking notes on. I was going to hire her.

"Well Ms.Jones I am happy to inform you that I will be offering you the job. If you decide to accept we will do A background check and call you back as soon as it comes back."

She smiled and said a quiet thank you, I stuck my hand out for a goodbye hand shake, she hesitantly grabbed it. When she touched me I swear I felt some sort of tingle and she must of felt it too because she snatched her hand out of mine, grabbed her purse, and hurried out the room. 

I sighed and walked over to the door shutting it quietly and then going back to sit at my desk.

I had never had an experience like the one I had today its like Emani brings out the inner emotions in me.

I pressed the speaker button on my phone and dialed the number to my secretary.

"Yes Mr.Mason?"

"Can you please start A background check on Emani Jones and cancel all my meeting for today I'm leaving early."

"Yes Sir, Mr.Mason."


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