Zakeyah's P.O.V

Where is he its now 3:00 am in the morning he did this for 6th time now and im so sick of it staying up all night waiting for him. I called him like 130 times no answer he comes home always drunk LIKE ALWAYS

I pick up my phone on the night stand to call him again but before i click his Contact I.D i heard the door shut from downstairs. Well finally he's home.. Ugh i wish i wont have to carry him again everytime he's drunk he always talk shit like "i want to fuck you baby" he is always horny whenever he's drunk

I walked out of me and Harry's room and walked downstairs just before i was about to speak i look at Harry who is drunk but isnt alone he was with a blonde chick my heart sank and shatter to pieces when i saw them making out in OUR couch. A tear fell down on my cheeks but quickly wiped it away then ran upstairs making my feet make a noise so Harry could hear

I walk inside of our room and took my suit case under the bed and started to pick up my clothes from the closet and put it on my suit case. While im packing i heard the Door creaked open hoping its not Harry but... It is because he's the only one who is up in this House... He walked in the room and his face looked shock

"Z-Zakeyah what are you doing?" He asked i can smell the alcohol in his mouth but decided not to answer to his question. He asked again "Zakeyah what are you doing?!" He was starting to raise his voice now.

"What does it look like im doing Harry?" I snapped he looked at me while i go to the closet pick my clothes up and back to my suit case "your leaving?" He said his boice cracking uo to the end "yes!" I almost shouted "where are y-you going?" He asked "very far away from you i dont want to see your fucking face again!" I yelled this time he got upset


"Oh so now im the one who is acting like a bitch... Dont forget Harry YOURE THE ONE WHO CHEATED ON ME!!!" I yelled back

"ITS NOT MY FAULT YOUR SUCH PAIN IN THE ASS!!!" He yelled at me again this time i let the tears fall down. So this is why he always come home late he always fuck girls out while me sitting in the fucking bed worried

"WELL I HOPE YOU WONT HAVE A PAIN IN THE ASS ANYMORE AS IM LEAVING THIS STINKING HOUSE!!!!!" I grabbed my suit case and walked downstairs of course Harry was following me

"Zakeyah i didnt mean it, i didnt meant anything i said!" He said now crying im holding up my tears and started to open the door but it was quickly shutted by Harry

"Harry let me fucking go and be with that slut! Fuck her the way you want to!" I yelled at him

"I dont want anything i want you only you please stay and forgive me please babe!" He said apologizing

" do you think im going to forgive you for coming home in 3:00 o clock in the morning while i go sit in the bed waiting for you then i didnt know your now fucking some sluty bitch? Do you think im gonna forgive you that easily?" I said with a shaky voice a tear fell down but i quickly wiped it Harry looked down guilty for what he did for this past week "yeah thats what i thought now will you excuse me this house is all yours!"

I said walking out of the door leaving him in his knees in the doorway. I put my bags in my car trunks and drove off

3 days later

It was 3 days now me and Harry broke up he was calling me non stop everyday so i turned off my phone and decided to go to the mall to but some new clothes

-At The Mall-

I was walking around finding a store to buy some clothes. I walked infront of the Victoria secret and decided to go shopping there. I looked around and saw some few clothes that fits me i bought them. The first clothes i bought was a pink shirt with a Peace symbol in it and the others were Pink With a sign of LOVE PINK and VICTORIA SECRET

I walked to the Cashier to pay it and when i was about to walk away i felt a tap on my shoulders and look at who i bumped in to... No it cant be...

"Ahm... Hey Zakeyah how are you?" Harry asked looking at me his eyes was bloody red his curls was all over the place his nose was really red he look horrible like i do my eyes were red i dont care of what i wear anymore my hair were all over the place i dont care where it lands i gave him a fake smile "i'm fine Harry you?" I respond No your not fine your feelawful without him!

"Im fine too" he faked smiled at me and i faked smiled him back i was about to walk away when i felt a hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me back

"Look Zakeyah i cant take it anymore... I dont wanna lie to you anymore i dont want to say im fine when im the opposite of that... The truth is im miserable and feel useless and hopeless without you i feel like i dont exist without you everynight when i go to sleep i always cuddle your blanky and hug your pillow because i cant have you anymore please take me back please i cant stand a single day without you by my side i miss the was when i wake up your the one i see first in the morning everyday.... Please take me back and i promise you i will change for you!" He said kneeling down a tear fell down to my cheek

I felt the same i cant stand a single day without him so i decided to forgive him "okay Styles Last chance and if you waste this no more chance for you and i will be gone in your life forever!" I said making him stand up he smiled and carried me spinning me around making me dropoed all the stuff i bought

He was about to put me down when he kissed me... I kissed back i felt him smile in the kiss, he put me down and whispered in my ear "i wont let this chance be wasted i promise you Baby. Your the only one i want... I love you babe!" He said smiling i smiled back

"I love you too Harry" i replied



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