Chapter 3

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{play the song when it gets mentioned or whenever you want I guess}

I wake up the next morning feeling uncomfortable, because of the bench being rock solid. I slowly got up and started to walk again and listen to Jacksepticeyes song he uploaded called "All the way" (see song above). I decide to go and eat breakfast since I have a small bit of money that I took with myself.

   {time skip made by me being lazy}

I get to ihop and decide to eat there I get (insert favorite breakfast here) with (insert drink) to drink. After about a half hour of eating, I pay and leave ihop. I find myself walking again when I go down a dark alleyway, I hear a loud bang and look behind myself, I see a trash can was knocked over but being the dumb person I am I ignore it even though I am scared. I then hear a loud Irish sounding laugh I turn around to see my favorite YouTuber ever Jacksepticeye, but he looks different he has one septic eye, while the other is a black, his ears were also pointer. "W-who are y-you?" I ask him. "well I'm Antisepticeye but you can call me Anti" Anti says and grins. "well Anti, what do you want may I ask?" He smiles evilly and says "you". My eyes grew wide when he said that, I quickly turned to run but before I could move 2 feet away he snapped his fingers and you were knocked out

{time skip from Anti spooking you in the alley}

I wake up around 4 hours later in a bed,I look around and see its a king sized bed with two night stands on each side of it. I also see two doors one being a closet and the other being the exit from the room. Anti then walks in "oh your up finally" he says, "yes I'm up,and where am I ?" I say in a kinda rude tone. "your in my house duh, where else ?" anti replies back,"oh....... well why, may I ask?" "well you have no where else to go do you?" Anti chuckles. "Well not really" I say in a kinda low tone. "Well since that's the case then you are staying here", "oh" I say. Anti gets up to walk out of the room, "oh by the way your clothes are in that closet, and if you need anything just ask". "Ok, thanks" you say. "also whats your name, I didn't really get it because of me knocking you out?" Anti asks while rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. "My name is (Y/N) (L/N)". " oh, well (Y/N) if you need me I will be down stairs", "Ok" I simply say.


I had this chapter planned out since yesterday but I had stuff to do, so I could not upload until now. I'm happy with how this chapter turned out and I hope you like it, see ya

                                                                     ~author chan

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