CHAPTER 51 Hospice

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I knew people and medical doctors who thought one good "multi-vitamin" was enough. But I'd been on the alternative road long enough to know that it an inaccurate view on nutrition if you thought only one vitamin would do it. Truth be told, some of those pills didn't even digest in the body. I'd seen x-rays from alternative doctors which showed an entire multi-vitamin traveling through the digestion system, still intact. It was great people were open to and taking nutritional supplements. But not good if what they were taking wasn't being absorbed by the body.

What good is nutrition if it's passing right through you and out your bowels?

It meant, some people were literally shitting their nutritional supplements out and throwing money down the toilet.

When you walk into the vitamin store or local GNC how do you know what your body needs and what nutritional supplement is the best one for you?

My answer, is you muscle test. Every so often I'd do research and buy a new supplement. Then I'd go into the Doc's and have him muscle test it on me. If it tested bad for me, a lot of times he'd test it on my Dad. Then he'd get his office assistant and test it on her too. If it tested bad or weak for all three of us, three different people with different bodies and different needs, chances are it was a poor product. Either it was bad from how the ingredients were grown, to how they were processed, and/or to the final manufacturing to produce a pill. Something along the line, or all the way through its production, was bad.

So everything we took, all those nutritional supplement bottles, were specifically muscle tested, and found to help support our individual bodies. Whether it was to help support our heart, sleep, or fight off bacterial or viral infections. Everything we were on, helped support us in some way, or we didn't take it. All the guess work of "Is This The Best Supplement For Me" was gone.

I suspected a lot of the lack of nutrition in everyone's diet had to do with the food quality. If we all grew all our own food, we'd probably need much less, if any, supplemental nutrition in the form of pills and shakes and such. But most of us didn't have gardens and our backyards that could support our food needs, let alone our nutritional needs year long. Assuming, we ate a balanced diet, based on our individual nutritional needs and not the goddamn food pyramid chart, to begin with.

"Well, they want us to make a list of all the ingredients on the bottles but that would take forever," the nurse said.

Apparently, Hospice didn't have a lot of clients like us, based on their form wanting to know all the ingredients.

"Okay. Well, we'll write down the names of the supplements and not all the ingredients," the nurse said with a laugh.

"Okay," Dad said.

"So, how often do you want her to be bathed?" the nurse asked.

"Twice a week," Dad replied.

"Okay. So she'll have a health aide who comes to bath her. Then she'll have a nurse assigned specifically to her. The bathers will change, but the nurse will always stay the same," the nurse said.

"Okay," Dad said.

The nurses were there for a little over an hour and then they were on their way to the next interview.

It would be interesting to have Hospice involved in our program now. I thought Hospice meant more care too. But no, this was periodic visits. Dad and I would still be carrying the brunt of the labor and work load, taking care of Mom.

So, all those chores?

Yeah, they were still mine. Good times.




Bro, Mom, and I

Days Juicing: 74

Hospice Nurse checking Mom out

Days Juicing: 74

Dad massaging Mom's belly.

Moms been plugged up for a week, so the massages, recommended by our Chiropractor, are in an effort to get her digestive system moving again. The massages are very uncomfortable for Mom. Something the hospital and all their medicine had been unable to do.


Mom was brought home yesterday afternoon in an ambulance.

The hospital did not resolve the obstruction in the small intestines.

It's been a crazy week and the stress has been insane.

My bro drove up Thursday and is staying for the weekend.

I have more to tell you about what's going on.

But I'm not ready yet.

I hope to be able to give an update this weekend, first part of the week.

Thank you for all your support and love.

Blessings to you and yours,

c :)

Mom's Vitals

Blood Pressure 132/80

Pulse 72

Breathing 16

Oxygen 93%

Juice Day 74

8 leaves collard greens

3 leaves red leaf lettuce

5 carrots

4 apples

1 pomegranate

2 cups napa cabbage

1 tablespoon ginger root

serves 4

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