CHAPTER 50 Back Home For The Win

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"In the foggy haze

a hoot owl wakes from his slumber

and twinkling lights beckon me to a life that escapes my grasp."


My Brother arrived during the week. He wasn't taking any chances with Mom and her declining health. I couldn't blame him. It was anyone's guess how this was all going to go.

Mom was in and out of the Hospital within the week. They couldn't do anything for her bowel obstruction.

So their best move?

Send her home. I thought it was a comical. Here was an entire Hospital and with all their training, and gadgets they couldn't seem to get her shit moving.  Literally.

Their answer was either one of two things, drug it out or cut it out. That's it. That's all they had in their bag. With all their training and knowledge over hundreds of years, those two things were their only answer.

Mom was delivered right to our front door by an ambulance. It added to the drama of the situation and the cost. I hope she at least had fun riding in the back of an ambulance. Maybe they even turned the lights on for her.

Why they felt she needed to be driven home in an ambulance was beyond me. I mean, it wasn't like she was going to code and die or anything on the ride home. She was weak but she wasn't on a deathbed.

So while the Hospital had no answer for her, our answer was to take her to the Doc's. To me, he'd always been more of our "real" family physician than a "chiropractor". They only thing he couldn't do was prescribe pharmaceutical medications. But I never took the stuff anyway, unless it was absolutely necessary. I didn't believe in it and I didn't want it in my body fucking up the harmony of balance with its toxic side effects.

When we got the swine flu, colds, bronchitis, and pain, we went to the Doc's. He'd go through all his alternative healing checklist and we'd always get better. I trusted him with my life. I trusted him with my family's life, without a doubt or hesitation. If I suddenly woke up on my deathbed, he would be the man I would call to help me find a way back to life.

The Doc knew I soaked up knowledge like a sponge. He'd known it from the first day I met him almost a decade ago. At first, he hadn't liked all my questions because he didn't think I was serious about learning. But he soon discovered I was serious, very serious. So, he'd ask me questions sometimes to test whether I'd been paying attention. Every visit to his office became a lesson. My Parents had nicknamed me, "Junior Doc."

Of course I had no official training or schooling. I was certified in nothing. But I learned, asked questions, and paid attention. Sometimes he'd involve me in the treatments of my Parents. Little stuff. It felt like I was back in school, but with something I was interested in learning.

When we brought Mom in after she'd been in the Hospital, he wanted to know what was going on with her bowels. It all came down to getting the bowels moving again. They'd been stopped up for three weeks. And Mom was in pain. But drugging her wouldn't do anything to get the bowels moving. Case in point, the Hospital's answer.

No. We needing to do something more. So the Doc brought a stethoscope out and listened to Mom's gut. Then he motioned for me to come over.

"Here, listen," the Doc said.

I put the ear buds in and listened. I heard Mom's gut moving around.

"You hear that?" The Doc asked.

"Yeah," I said.

"We'd worry if we didn't hear anything. But it's making sound. That's a good sign. That's what we want," the Doc said.


Special delivery: Mom home

Days Juicing: 73

Days in hospital: 5

A visit to our Chiropractor/Family Dr/Healer

Days Juicing: 73

Here's what we learned at the Hospital: We have SHOCKED an entire hospital, and a whole bunch of Dr.s. Why? Because Mom's non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Stage 3 cancer, has shown, scientifically, MARKED improvement since the end of August 2012. They are baffled. Seriously. Show-stopping stuff. They wanted to know what we were doing. Why? Because we refused their recommendations of chemo, radiation, and pharmaceutical drugs when Mom left the hospital the end of Aug 2012. We refused their treatment suggestions, and amazingly (to them) have made SERIOUS improvements in shrinking Mom's cancer filled lymph nodes (as seen from the CT Scan...they did a side by side comparison with the results from Aug 2012 to the results from Nov 2012). So we told them: high powered juices (using the produce ratings from the book "Super Immunity" by Joel Fuhrman), and L-O-V-E (and lots of it). They were unable to resolve the obstruction in Mom's intestines. All they did was pump her full of drugs, and do a bunch of tests. Yet failed to test to C-Reactive Protein, or her ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate). And I'm pretty sure we won't be going back there.

Here's what we learned from our Dr. (not an MD): He gave us instructions on massages we can do to help Mom's gut flow. He does not believe her bowels are obstructed, based on his energetic testing (Applied Kinesiology).

I'd like to acknowledge my cousin, Matt, for turning us on to juicing. JUICING WORKS! WE HAVE MEDICALLY PROVEN IT AND HAVE SHOCKED AN ENTIRE HOSPITAL!

And to my aunt and uncle, Jeff and Maria, without whom we wouldn't have been able to juice! THANK YOU FOR BUYING US A JUICER!

Juice Day 73

10 leaves kale

7 leaves napa cabbage

3 apples

6 carrots

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