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Aph-Loved by all. Happy family. Happy life. Nothing goes wrong. Nothing. She has the perfect boyfriend. Perfect friends. But then whole world get turned upside down.
Aaron-How do I put this. Bullied. Abused. Has the worst anger issues in the world. Almost killed three people. Has a dad who is a jerk. Went to jail four times. Always gets into trouble. Has the worst grades. Let's just say. He has the worst life. The worst. He wants to kill himself. But he can't leave his sister. Has a couple jobs. Is the one to cook for the whole house. Lost his mom when he was five. At that age he learned how to take care of himself. Then his dad got remarried. They had his sister. Then his dad started beating her so she left. So it's been the three of them. For a while.

Who notice that Aaron's story is longer and more sad. Not one sad thing in Aph's story. Well not for a while at least. So get ready for another sad story. And yet another death. Maybe. I might be nice for this book. Maybe.


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