Hi there, before you read bear in mind that I wrote this book when I was much younger, the dynamics of this relationship is with a dominant female and a more feminine female. Just placing that out there because for some reason people think books on here are all about "gender roles" and blah blah. Actually no, it's just for fun. Thanks for reading.


---Best FrEnemies

I have been looking forward to this weekend since Monday. This past week in school has been hell. In fact, it was way deeper than that. My mind, body and every other thing that I could think of was tired and this was only the third week of school. I glanced up at Ethan as I took a sip of my water, before hopping back on the basketball court that we had in my back yard.

Now that it was finally the weekend I thought that I would be getting a break, a little free fucking time but nein. Apparently, my mom's long lost friend and her daughter were moving back here and she had me working like a hog all day yesterday cleaning the damn house so it was 'presentable' for guests. Why the fuck was she even calling them guests? Abby got a scholarship at a performing arts school years ago, like when I was five or six and they lived in California ever since.

Not that we were ever really that close, but my mother and her mother had been best friends in high school. I had already let my mom know though; I wasn't about to change who I was to suit anyone of her friends or their child that's just not me. Unfortunately I could give a fuck whether or not they come back. I don't even remember them at all. The only time I see Abby is when her show Invisible comes on and I immediately turn the channel.

I tried watching a few times with my mother, keyword being tried but that shit didn't interest me at all. In fact, how could she be invisible if her character is popular as shit in the show? One of the things that relax me is playing ball with Ethan. As I was in line to do a layup, my mom peeped her head outside yelling my name, half scaring me to death. I tripped but regained my balance; unfortunately Ethan had already swiped the ball and dunked it, sticking his tongue out at me while still holding on to the hoop.

I groaned, "Yes mother?" She rolled her eyes at how sarcastic I was being.

"I'm guessing you haven't changed your mind about coming with me?"

I shook my head now, "Wouldn't make much sense. I don't see why they didn't hire a driver anyways." I shrugged.

"Taylor, I really hope you change this attitude when they get here."

I raised a brow, "You're bringing them here... today? I thought you said dinner tomorrow, or some shit like that."

"Sehen sie ihre sprache."

I rolled my eyes as she scolded me for my language.

"Sorry. It's whatever; bring them if you want to."

"I don't need your permission Taylor," my mother said in a matter-of-fact tone.

I raised my hands in surrender and didn't say anything else. She smiled and kissed my forehead before heading back inside.

"Oh, I made chicken pasta." She yelled, "Ohhh, and Sarah's here!" she added.

I chuckled; my mother was forgetful sometimes. She'd forget the simplest of things so quickly.

"I think we should call it a day, I have to relax and prepare myself for the long day ahead." I told Ethan, with both Abby returning and Sarah on my mind.

Ethan nodded understanding and we packed up and headed inside. I immediately walked up to my room to shower. I was hot and sweaty, not to mention hot. And as sexy as I am, sweat really isn't a good look for me.

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