10. Dirty Little Secret

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They called final boarding for my flight and we reluctantly made our way to the gate. Jay's hand held the back of my neck as he brought his mouth to mine. His left hand came up to cup my breast and my gasp of surprise turned to a deep moan as his thumb grazed my nipple, the thin shirt I wore doing little to hide my reaction.

"I'd better go." I whispered and brushed my lips over his one final time.

As I was walking through the tunnel, my phone beeped and I looked down at the message and smiled.

Miss u already...come back next weekend?

I turned back to face him, his eyebrow raised in question and I nodded and a huge smile came over his face.  He winked at me and I blushed, giving him a small wave I turned back and boarded the plane. 

The miles that separated us grew and the feeling of loss was as surprising as it was overwhelming.  After a weekend filled with excitement I was heading back to my dull, lonely life.  I allowed myself to imagine Jay feeling the same, to imagine him wanting me as much as I wanted him and I closed my eyes, the sound of the engines all I heard as I drifted to sleep.

Call me when you land

I had just switched my phone back on, hoping but not expecting to hear from him.

"Mia."  He breathed almost in relief and I smiled.  "How was your flight baby girl?" 

I loved it when he spoke to me this way, my moist panties were a definite giveaway of how he affected me. 

"It was good, I slept most of the way.  Did I wake you?" 

"No babe, I couldn't sleep, I was waiting for your call." 

"Jay, you must be exhausted, you shouldn't have waited up.  I'll let you..."  Jay interrupted my rambling. 

"Mia, stop it.  I'll sleep soon, I just wanted to hear your voice before I do." 

"Oh."  That one word gave away all my feelings as I breathed it out on a soft moan. 

I heard Jay chuckle and felt my cheeks heat.  "I miss you too Mia."  He said as if knowing what I was thinking.  "I miss your sexy voice, your sexy body and the delicious taste of your juicy pussy."  

I was clutching the phone so tightly my hand was hurting, but I continued to listen. 

"I miss the feel of your kitty gripping my cock, I miss having your heavy breast in my hand, your nipples between my fingers and in my mouth and I miss hearing you scream my fucking name."  I was panting. 

I was standing in the middle of the airport fucking panting!

"Jay..." I moaned. 

"Mia, are your panties wet?"  He asked knowingly. 

"Yes."  I whispered. 

"Fuck!"  He groaned in response.  "That's something else I miss baby, how fucking wet you get."  We were both silent for a moment and I was able to gather my thoughts. 

"Jay, I need to go get my bag." 

"Yeah, I know."  He sighed.  "I'm gonna try to get some sleep Mia, I'll call you later okay?" 

"Okay."  I answered happily before we said our final goodbyes.

I made it to work just in time and somehow endured it until it was lunch time.  Grabbing my bag I headed out, hoping some fresh air would help me stay focussed until the end of the day.

My work colleagues thought I'd been sick all weekend, little did they know my voice sounded this way from screaming out with pleasure. It was a dirty little secret I planned on keeping to myself.

I had booked my flights this morning, but now I was growing increasingly anxious as I looked at the time. Again! It was now 8.30pm and I hadn't heard from Jay since I rang him this morning. I was trying decide if I should call him, or a text maybe? An email seemed too formal now, so I quickly ruled that out.

I sipped on my second glass of wine which was affecting me more than usual due to how tired I was.

Deciding I'd call Jay tomorrow, I stripped down to my panties and crawled into my comfortable bed, the sound of my phone ringing from the other room making me curse. I raced out of bed and dug around in my bag until I could find it.

"Hello?" I answered breathlessly.

"Were you running babe?" I smiled when I heard his voice.

"I was in bed and my phone was in my bag in the kitchen." I explained.

"In bed?" His voice had turned deep.

"Um yeah."

"Take me back with you." I climbed under the covers and put my phone on loud speaker so I could get comfortable.

"What are you wearing Mia?" My stomach fluttered with excitement.

"Just my panties Jay."

"What colour?"

"Black." His groan awakened my arousal and I continued. "They're a lacy boy leg panty."

"Show me." I held my phone in position and took a few snaps, then decided on the best one to send him, the one that showed a hint of my breasts aswell.

"Fuck Mia!" He grunted and I smiled at my choice.

"You like it?" I asked teasingly.

"Oh baby, I love it. My cock is rock hard. Take your panties off and send me another."

Sucking in a short, sharp breath, I felt my panties moisten. I slipped them off, opened my legs just a little and took a few more.

I sent him three more pics, the first showing the underside of my breasts, my lean stomach and my hair free mound. The second showed my full breasts and a better view of my pussy. The last showing my middle finger rubbing my clit, my excitement making my pussy glisten.

"Jesus!" He groaned as I laid back under the covers. "You're so beautiful Mia. Send me one of your face and your tits."

I was hesitant and he noticed. "Mia, trust me. They're for my eyes only."

"Okay." I whispered, going against everything I knew about sending revealing pics. I let my hair down from the bun it was tied in and positioned the camera, snapping away until I was happy with what I saw. "It's on it's way." I said nervously.

"Babe, relax." I took a deep breath and nodded even though he couldn't see.

"There's my girl with the beautiful green eyes and kissable lips, my girl who's tits are almost my undoing. You look so fucking beautiful Mia, thank you."

"You're welcome." I whispered, pleased with his reaction.

"Are you naked now Mia?"

"Yes Jay."

"Do me a favour babe." It wasn't a question. "Spend as much time as you can naked, no panties to work, no bra if you can get away with it. No clothes at home. I want you to look at your body as if it was me looking, but I don't want you to touch yourself. I want you so fucking wired when you get here so I can fuck you senseless."

My breath was coming out in short bursts as I imagined doing what he said.

"Mia?" He was waiting for my answer, waiting for the word he was expecting to hear and he heard it.


We spoke each night, with texts during the day. He only questioned a few times if I was doing what he'd asked and it made it more exciting. I didn't want to talk about it all the time, I felt it would take the edge off. On the few occasions he had asked, he'd told me we'd discuss it in detail on Friday night when I arrived.

I was waiting to board, feeling self conscious but excited. Jays message put a smile on my face, my nerves quickly vanishing.

I can't wait to see you xx

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