Chapter 1

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That was it you were done,you have had enough of your father daily abusing you.So while he was asleep you packed a bag full of essentials such as, clothes , phone , charger , headphones , food , water ect. You slowly stepped out of your house ready to leave your life behind and start a new one.It was late at night so you were pretty scared, you walked down the street watching one of your favorite YouTubers, Jacksepticeye he had a new video up so you instantly tapped it.

About 17 min later the video was over and you reached a park, so you sat on one of the benches and thought about what you are going to do now you had no job, no home and barley any food. But that wasnt gonna stop you because you were determined to find a way to live (A/N let the undertale jokes begin). Your eyes slowly started to feel heavy, you then fell asleep.

(A/N this is my 1st chapter so sorry for it being so short,and the next chapter will be some backstory on you reader chan. I'm gonna go bye)

~author chan

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