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My wife had arranged for the babysitter to stay overnight as we didn't know what time we'd be home. As it was we didn't front up until after two in the morning. Gloria had had a few and she was buggered. As soon as we got home she hit the bed and flaked out. I very much doubted that she'd wake up early.

As designated driver I was just pleasantly tired. I thought I'd just check out the kids before I went to bed. I checked little Bobby first. He was lying face down, nappy clad bottom stuck high in the air. He'd kicked his blanket off but the night was hot enough that he was probably more comfortable without it.

Over to Michelle's room. She was curled in a little ball, blankets tossed all over the place but sheet still draped over her. I dropped a kiss on her forehead, and headed towards my room.

Passing the spare room I noticed that Kathy, the babysitter, had left the door open, presumably so she could hear the kids if they woke up. I went to close it for her, figuring that I'd hear the kids and be able to respond if required.

I glanced towards the bed as I reached for the door. Ay yay yay!
Kathy had left the blinds up and the full moon was streaming through the window. She'd also kicked her blankets off and was hunched up on the bed in an almost identical way to the baby.

Legs bunched under her, bottom hoisted to the sky, head burrowed into the pillow. Also like Bobby, her nightie had slipped forward and was bunched up around her throat. There the resemblance between Kathy and the baby ended.

The baby was male but Cathy was ever so female. She hadn't worn a bra to bed. Why should she? With her nightie bunched around her throat and bottom high in the air, her breasts were swinging free, and a lovely pair of breasts they were. Also, where Bobby had his nappy on, Kathy had a pair of lacy panties, and not very large panties at that. Her bottom was on display, and I hope she was proud of it, because a very fine tush it was.

Her panties, I noticed barely covered her pussy. The manufacturers had certainly skimped on the material making those ones.

Now you're probably wondering how I could see all this detail from just glancing through the doorway as I shut the door. I could say it was because the room was well lit with the bright moon and I had excellent eyesight. A more accurate reason would be because I wandered in and inspected the sleeping beauty at my leisure.

It also seemed quite reasonable to me to take a couple of shots for later perusal. Then I stood there, admiring her figure and trying to remember what I currently knew of her.

Cathy was a reasonably outgoing girl, mildly flirtatious, even with me. I seem to recall her mentioning to Gloria that she was between boyfriends. Age? I was trying to recall. Then I remembered that Gloria had bought her some ear-rings a couple of months back as an eighteenth birthday present. So, eighteen and legal.

I wondered how willing she would be if I tried my hand at a little seduction? Would her flirtatiousness lead to more or would she protest? If she protested, I decided, no problems. I'd go quietly and no harm done. What would Gloria say if she found out? She'd probably spit chips but then let it go.

I reached over and lightly stroked Kathy's breasts, fingertips just skimming them, and then lightly pinched each nipple. Both nipples puckered and hardened, standing out from her breasts. Kathy moved slightly and moaned, but didn't waken.

I spent a few minutes just playing with those dangling globes. Kathy was making odd noises in her sleep and was now a little restless. Her breasts were slightly swollen, enjoying the attention.

Moving around behind her I ran one finger along her slit, just scratching her through her panties. Kathy gave another moan and her pussy pressed towards me. This was not, I knew, approval and permission to continue, because she still hadn't woken. I eased off for a moment and Kathy seemed to settle slightly.

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