Chapter One

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November Smith

October 14th

"But, mom." I complained, my palms hitting the top of my thighs as I flung on to the couch.

"Stop complaining, Nova." She gave me a stern look, delicately placing her hands on her hips.


"No. The more you complain, the longer it's going to take." My eyes widened, "Now. Go play with your little sister like I asked you to." She pointed towards her room.

Scampering away innocently, I stepped into the lilac and pale yellow room. "April?" I looked around, searching for the four-year-old everywhere. The closet, behind the curtains, under the bed covers.

I sat on her bed, getting lost in my thoughts. What if she was kidnapped? What if she ran away? What if she died somewhere in the house? What if she died in the backyard? What if unicorns--

"Boo!" A small hand wrapped around my ankle and tugged, causing me to fall in the floor. I went down head first.

I began rubbing my head, lifting the blanket slightly to get a better view of the child under the bed. I saw a head full of red curls sloppily making their way into her heart-shaped face. Her green eyes sparkled with mischief, as she giggled hysterically.

I scowled, "April, what have I told you about doing that?"

"Not my fault you're too stupid to think about me being down there," she stuck her tongue out at me, making me grimace.

Why did my mom make me play with her, again?

She probably hates me.

I sighed, might as well get this over with.


Michael Kingston

Before I had the chance to catch my breath, she roughly kissed me again, making sure to push me up against the wall. I rolled my eyes, before kissing back for just a few seconds before backing away and taking her lips off of mine. She pouted, flailing her arms around, trying to get a hold of my neck so that she could have at least one more kiss. I guess her being short is an advantage, well with me having the 6'1" frame. I shook my head.

Short and sweet.

"I have to go." I spoke, just before grabbing my jacket and walking out of her house, not looking back once.

I honestly was getting tired of this girl.

Kelly Jameson -- the schools 'popular' girl, otherwise known as my girlfriend. I really did not like her that much, but when my parents are unhappy, I'm happy. And they hate her. So you can imagine the amount of happiness that I get when they see her.

I looked down at my phone, checking to see if I got any messages. I didn't have the chance to check it earlier, since Kelly was like a leech, but instead of sucking my blood, she was sucking my face off.

To: Michael Kingston
From: Dad

Son, your mom and I need to talk to you. Please come home.

I'm surprised that my dad still has my phone number. Honestly, I'm surprised that he's texting me. Usually it's my mom and she's trying to call me.

I blinked, realizing that I had stopped walking to my car just so that I could read the message. I quickly finished the walk to my red pickup truck, slamming the door after I got in.

I sped home, reaching it in just seven minutes approximately.

New record, I smiled.

After stepping inside, and meeting my parents in the living room, the scene ended up with me sitting uncomfortably on the love seat across from my parents, who sat next to each other on the small couch.

"Boy, you've made your mother very upset." My father spoke up. My gaze switched from him to my mother, now noticing her terrible appearance. Mascara running, hair in knots all over, and clothes sloppily put on.

I was quick to take her hand, rubbing it with my thumb. She sent me a small smile.

"Your mother and I have come to a decision," they glanced at each other, "And it's what we think is best for you." He paused, making me give him a weary look.

Oh God what is happening?

"We will find you a girl that will do you good, and you will marry her." he finalized.

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