Prologue- The One Where Nemo Gets in the Way

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"Y'know I never expected this," Frank muttered softly as he and Jamia bent down to inspect the Jellyfish that were lazily floating through the water, the clear, fluid crystal was doused in beautiful lights that shone through the sea-life in a spectacular, awe-inspiring way. Not as awe-inducing as the girl who was staring at them with wide and shining eyes, the purple light tinting her face, making her even more captivating.

Frank stared at her for more than he should have and she turned to look at him, biting on her lip and smiling brightly before she took his hand and pulled him along to the next window.

"Expected what though?" She asked as they peered into a small tank of orange-y tawn sea horses of various sizes, her small hand still clasped in Frank's own.

"That I'd ever come to an aquarium." He offered up and she looked back at him with a giggle, her Nemo balloon bobbing next to her, floating above her head, the string tied to her left wrist.

"Can't believe you're twenty two and you've never been to an aquarium." She said with an air of disapproval as they wandered around and she suddenly stopped, gasping.

He looked at her with a frown and then looked at what she was staring at with wide eyes. He caught sight of a massive, cylindrical tank filled with thousands of clown fish and a small gap in the bottom that opened up under the tank for you sit in beneath them.

She all but ran, tugging him towards the orange, glass spectacle and he chuckled, letting her pull him along as her nemo balloon bobbed and bounced with her swinging arm. She dropped down onto her knees and crawled into the gap, managing to squeeze into the tiny space before her head and neck appeared in the tank. She grinned widely at Frank and waved like a maniac.

"Look! Frank look! I'm a nemo!" She yelled loudly and he smirked, folding his arms loosely before he picked the camera up that was hanging around his neck and snapped a photo of her with her contagious smile. She stared up at them with absolute wonder, her lips parted and eyes darting through the massive school of fish.

Frank smiled to himself, snapping another photo of her when he crouched down, "Y'know we still have an entire aquarium to see."

"But..." she began, peering down at him with a pout and he chuckled, holding out a tattooed hand, helping her out of the small space when she straightened up. Frank reached a hand up, brushing a stray lock of her chestnut hair from her face and she blushed, biting on her lip.

"Let's go and see what else is out there." He said in a whisper and she nodded slowly before he took her hand again and they carried on walking through the darkened blue tunnels.

"Its pretty quiet." Jamia noted after a short while, wandering through one of the lighter tunnels, a bunch of information posters and taxidermied fish pinned on the walls.

"Well it is a Tuesday." Frank shrugged, "Most people are at work."

"Like you should be." She quipped and a smirk formed on Frank's lips.

"Like you should be in school."

"Shh...." She whispered and he chuckled.

"I can afford to take a day off of work... Especially if it's for a date with you." Frank mused, looking over at her and watching the blush rise in her chubby cheeks.

"O- Oh..." she whispered softly as they were dowsed in sudden blue, having entered the shark tunnel.

They both looked up at the glass that surrounded them in concave and the massive blue expanse of water surrounding with huge sharks and fish swimming above and through the lazily swaying kelp.

They walked through slowly, taking in every detail when she stopped, looking down at the view, her hands resting on the bright yellow railing when Frank stopped beside her, resting his arms lazily on it as he leaned forward, wrists crossed over one another.

"Thank you..." she whispered, her eyes following a massive silvery fish as it swam passed them.

"For?" He asked, looking over at her before he raised his camera again and took a side candid of her face in the azure that swallowed everything around them.

"Taking me on my first date." She muttered, looking down at another fish and Frank frowned slightly.

"First date?" He asked and she nodded simply, "You've never been on a date?"

"I haven't." She whispered, "No one wants to date the fat girl."

She looked up at him as he bit his lip, pulling the camera from his neck and setting it by his feet. He sighed softly and took a step closer to look at her.

"Well its a shame for them."

"I reckon they dodged a bullet," she rolled her eyes slightly, a frown appearing in her perfectly plucked brows.

"So- So this is really your first date?" He frowned again, asking and she sighed.

"Yes it is. And if you think its funny making me say it again-"

She was cut off then by Frank's lips on hers, a tender kiss cutting her completely off guard as he pressed himself against her, pushing her gently against the railing, both of his tattooed hands holding on to it on either side of her body, refraining as much as he could from touching her too quickly.

And it was starting to get rather annoying as he tried to deepen the kiss with Nemo constantly bopping against his temple slowly and he reached a hand up, batting it away before it bounced back. She giggled against his lips, a breathless sound that made him almost smile. He slid his tongue against hers gently was the balloon slowly bounced back, knicking his head again. He grabbed the foil balloon and held it down in his large hand as the other hand slid around her waist, her hands tentatively resting on his chest.

He pulled away slowly and looked down at her as her wide eyes looked back up at him, "Hi..." she whispered softly and he smiled, bringing his hand up to cup her cheek when the balloon rose up and slid against his cheek. He closed his eyes, frowning in frustration and she brought her hand up to cover her mouth, a quiet giggle escaping her lips when he smiled, looking down at her with a sideways glance, the butterflies in his stomach tightening knot after knot.

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