Guys I'm not fluent in any language but English. I had to use google translator since I speak no Spanish what so ever!! Please no hate!!!

I woke up to a scream. I ran down the hall and saw Mia sitting there crying. I picked her up and told her it was all right. "But de man lef me." She cried. I held her close to me and asked if she wants to watch the TV. She nodded her little head and sucked her thumb. I sat her in a little princess chair she got. I ran into the kitchen and made her some juice. I went to my room and grabbed my phone. I dialed Marcus.

"Hello" He said like nothing happened.

"Yeah hello. This is Jordan. Do you have like a problem or something because you left a TODDLER HERE BY HERSELF!!" I screamed the last part.

"I-I was just -but"

"NO!! No if and or but about this. She is a baby. You can not just leave her here. I woke up to her screams." He had know clue what he just did.

"I am so sorry." He was begging me to listen.

"You have two minutes to get your butt back here or I am coming to get you." I hung up the phone before he could answer.

GOSH I HATE BOYS LIKE MARCUS. I went back down stairs and noticed Mia was gone. WHAT HAVE I DONE!! I heard a giggle from outside.

"ver mi juguete!" There was a little Mexican girl sitting with Mia.

"Mia she said look at her toy." I walked over to the two girls.

Mia, es que su mama?" The little girl did her best to say the words right.

"No cariño. Yo no soy la mama. Estoy cuidando de ella por un tiempo." I made sure to say it slow so she could understand.

I watched the girls play for a while. I had to translate for Mia. I did not know Spanish well, but I took classes so I guess you could say I spoke it well. The little girl went home. It had been past 3 hours and Marcus was not back. I can not believe him. I took Mia back inside and feed her noodles and a sippy cup full of tea. It was late in the night when I wondered how the babies were. I went in the room only to see empty cribs. There was a note on the window that said "I took the babies to a baby water park. See you tonight." Just then the door opened. I ran down the stairs to see Marcus coming in with the babies. After we got the babies settled down he had no clue what was coming for him.

A/N: Sorry for all the Spanish. I want you all to read and enjoy. Hope you like.

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