26. throne for a queen

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paulvedere: she sits on this throne like its made for a queen. well i guess she is one 😋

 well i guess she is one 😋

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iansomerhalder: ayee fuck mommy looks good today- have fun guys 😉😉

leahwasilewski: go best friend thats my best friend!! 👅😻😻

michellecoleman: the only good picture of me today lmao- thanks for taking it 💖 @paulvedere

craccola: damn mami 😻😻 you are slaying that dress- infact the whole darn outfit! x much love

katgraham: you look so good girl 😻😻😻😻 

michellecoleman: tysm guys! ily all 💓💓💓 @craccola @leahwasilewski @iansomerhalder @katgraham

paulvedere: your very welcome babe @michellecoleman

ninadobrev: LOOK AT THAT ^^^^ *motherfuckingCOUGH*

ninadobrev: wifey looking amazing as always x @michellecoleman

michellecoleman: hmmm shut up nina @ninadobrev

paulvedere: ????? @michellecoleman @ninadobrev

michellecoleman: nothing

ninadobrev: everything

katgraham: wut????? @ninadobrev

username: urgh this skank hoe again- look how short that dress is! i bet she picked it out just for paul smh

username1: omg same! - she's so gross eww @username

username2: she just needs to die in a hole wanna be bitch- she's not even famous @username @username1 @username2

michellecoleman: the only wanna be bitch round here is you @username3 - and famous isn't my area honey

paulvedere: #ROASTED DAMN GIRL

matthewdavis: im so done right now someone pass me some oxygen



drama's stirring up soon people dont worry ;)

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