When we finally got back to the house, It took everything in me to break free of Asher's hold. That feeling.... The feeling pleasure, safey and love was heightened by a thousand. It was nearly impossible to leave the security of Asher's arms. And, If I hadn't been me... I wouldn't have. But, I am me. I'm stubborn, evil Karma, who's stronger then most of the wolves out there. So, yes, I just barely had the guts to leave his arms.

When I got into the house, I looked around. My pack members shifted uncomfortabley, trying not to make eye contact with me.

"What's up?" I said curiously. Riley shifted from foot to foot, crossing his arms and biting his lip, but staying silent the entire time. "Riley." I growled lowly. "Tell me. Now."

"Go ask Mason..." He mumbled. "And don't tell him I told you."

I shrugged, walking up the stairs. "Mason??" I called out.

"Im up here." I heard a mumbled voice and followed it.

When I arrived to Mason's room, I saw three of my pack members, and a girl with short blonde curly hair, sitting in the middle of the bed.

She stood up quickly, stepping back a few steps, her eyes wide with horror.

I think I know her... Tina? Tia? No, Tiana. Thats it. She's in my biology class. "Hey, your in my class, right?" I said, smiling.

She nodded hesitantly, taking another step back.

I frowned. "Why do you keep doing that?"

Mason stepped forward. "Karma, I need to tell you something... Tiana is-" He stopped, sniffing the air. His eyes suddenly turned a dark gold, and I could practically smell the anger off of him. "THAT SON OF A BITCH MARKED YOU!"

I froze. "Mason, Im sorry, I didn't want him to but-"

Jamie cut in. "Mason, Are you really in a position to critisize her about mates right now?"

Mason sighed, running a hand through his hair angrily. "Carmelia, Tiana's my mate..."

I froze for a few moments, but then stood straight.

Mason has a mate... I knew this day would come, but why now? Damn mates. Why cant I be a freaking human?

I shrugged. "Okay.."

Their eyes all went wide with shock. 'Thats it? No fight to death?" Carson asked surprised.

I shook my head. "No. She's his mate. And I care about him." I could tell Asher was standing in the doorway. "Plus, I know what its like to not have a mate... To have one reject you..." Asher growled lowly. "Just tell me when I sign the contract, and when I leave the pack. Hope you guys enjoy life..." I said, trying to sound a little enthusiastic, but failing miserably.

Since Masons alpha, his mate automatically becomes She Wolf, I just have to resign by signing a contract.

"What do you mean, Leave the pack?" Jamie asked curious.

"You cant do that..." Carson said, frowning.

I sighed. "Stupid here," I gestured to Asher. "Decided to mark me. You know the rules... If I don't follow through with the mating process, I die. And if I do follow through with it..." The thought made me cringe. "I have to join his pack... Meaning you guys can go back to Greensdale now... This was only supposed to be temporary, after all..."

"We cant just leave you..." Mason said.

"Yeah, you can. I was the only reason you came here... Now Im out of the pack... So your free to leave. " I said, frowning and crossing my arms.


"No, its okay. I want to stay. I promise." I said reassuringly..

No, I honestly didn't. I just don't think I can handle seeing Mason and another girl together.

After a minute, Mason sighed. "If that what you want... We'll leave tomorrow morning." He frowned.

I nodded lightly, and left the room, careful not to touch Asher on the way out.

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