Ch 19: We all die

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Gizmo POV:

The dark haired man stared at me for a long moment before his oh so clever response of "..what?"

I sighed rubbing at my temples, "you are slower than I had originally assumed mr. Blythe. My birth given name is Ginnie Gladstone."

"So your sister is dead."

I rolled my eyes, "ginger and Ginnie are both dead girls as far as I am concerned."

"You must be lying, you cannot possibly be Ginnie. Ginnie is supposed to be unable to walk..."

I hummed, "i wonder."

"Giz- Ginnie. If thats who you are and not Ginger-"

"I assure you my twin is good and physically dead."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Well if I am going to die anyways why not?"

He sighed, "you are not going to die."

"We all die Mr. Blythe. I did many years ago."

"With your sister?"

"Before then."

The room was filled with silence for a long moment, "what happened to you that made you this way? That makes everyone want to chase you down."

"The how doesn't matter neither does the why. why is such a stupid question when it comes to people."

He crossed his arms over his chest, eyeing me suspiciously as I stay sat upon the counter.

His hair was tousled by my hands running through it and his shirt clung to his body in a way that left little to imagine.

Perhaps I was hasty in pulling a gun upon this particular specimen of man so soon. he is quite good at kissing and I am willing to admit that the scruff on his jaw is teasing in the least.

What better way to learn the dance between a man and a women than to experience it? Although, I am unwilling to disrobe for well anyone.

Perhaps Mr. Blythe would allow me to study his anatomy on a rather personal level.

"Why should I believe you are Ginnie?"

My eyes snapped back to his face, "you would rather I was Ginger and not the girl you have been hunting for, for four long years? Apparently without ever even knowing why."

"I know you know that I would prefer you to be Ginnie so if you are ginger you would simply claim to be ginnie."

I stared at him blankly, "either way you were going to annoy me so why would I even bother lying?"

"You like to lie."

"never once lied. there are many ways a person can 'die"

"Why did you run off and change you name?"

"Why do people insist upon finding me?"

he paused, "you would know that better than I."

"You never asked?"

"I was hired to find you not ask questions."

I rose a brow at him, "what exactly does a pirates son do for a living?"

"would my answers spark a few from you?"

I shrugged at him, "perhaps."

"After father died I lived off being a thief and as I said more."


He shot me a sad smile, "ever wonder why I never for a second thought you a prostitute?"

My lips parted slightly in surprise, "oh..well I will admit I did not see that one coming Mr. Blythe. No wonder you are so easy to bed."

He chuckled lowly, "it taught me how to be whoever people wanted me to be."

"even men?"

"Too pretty for my mistress to sell me off to men."

"shame. I was curious about the workings of that as well."

He didnt even seemed phased, "of course you are, anyways after I properly learned how to manipulate people then I went onto stealing all their fortunes with a smile. which eventually led me to this."

"...which is?"

"you first dear, before I finish my story you must share one."

I blinked at him, my curiosity outweighing my caution as I ruled over my options, "I never have shown others the full extent of my genius."

"your narcissism never seems to hide itself though."

"Not narcissism when it is the truth, how many others do you know that can do what I do?"

"entice a man into their hopes and point a pistol at them? I assure you it is not always a pistol but many."

I was not amused.

"none Gizmo dear."

I didn't fail to notice his calling me by my chosen name. "I can do more Mr. Blythe much more, if there are people out for me, who may wish to kill me that would be why I suppose."

"what else is it you do Gizmo?"

I hummed, "many many things Mr. Blythe. tis what a Gizmo does no?"

"but what is it Ginnie could do?"

I ignored him, "the house for wayward children I used to live at overlooked the most beautiful field of bluebells." I slid from the counter, "I detest flowers. all of them. with the sole exception of bluebells."


"hm. Elizabeth adair burned it down once when i was...bad."

" that so?"

"Well if she had given me another beating odds are I would have died, couldn't have that you know."

I drifted from the room before he could respond.

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