54 ~ Felix

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Felix felt so confused. She had already convinced herself that returning to MIT was the best course of action. She had worked hard to get that scholarship, making the Dean's List, and landing the coveted intern position in the Design Engineering Department. After hooking up with Andy and the assholes, Felix had taken every opportunity to curse her abysmal failure, using that one bad decision to direct every decision thereafter. Now, she was being given another chance to do something right, and she was second-guessing it.

She stared into Ryan's handsome face. He looked tortured, like he was waiting for her to dump him. Ryan had all the qualities Andy lacked, respect, adoration, a rockin' hot body, and despite the mishaps they'd encountered, she felt safe with him. Would their relationship grow from here, or had she been clinging to the idea of having a protector? It had been a long time since she'd felt safe, but she also wanted to feel loved, and it was too soon to know if that was the feeling stirring inside her. Whether or not love was on the horizon for them, Ryan deserved a lot more than Thanks for the Italian sausage. I promise to write every day.

"I was thinking the Art Institute of Chicago wouldn't be a bad place to get an education," she said as she traced the collar of his tee shirt. "They have a design fabrication degree that sounds intriguing. I've been interested in 3D printers since their inception."

Ryan scrutinized her at close range, using those penetrating eyes to force her into the beam of his gaze. "I know what you're doing, Felix. Don't change your plans for me, it will only cause resentment. My parents didn't want me to become a cop, but I did it anyway because it was what I wanted to do. We can't live our lives for other people."

"What if I told you I wouldn't be able to focus on my studies if I lived fifteen hours away from you? Maybe living in close proximity to you would make me a happier, more productive student. I know damn well I'd be worried about you all the time. What if you got shot again and I couldn't get to you in time..."

Ryan put his finger to her lips then he swiftly replaced it with his mouth, kissing her deeply and hauling her body over his so she was lying on top of him, bare-chested. "I want nothing more than to have you in close proximity."

He slid his hand between their bellies and unzipped her jeans, tugging them over her hips. Felix maneuvered out of her jeans, taking care not to bump his bandaged leg. Then she carefully helped him out of his pants, enjoying the view from start to finish. His erection stood rigid and waiting, and she was tempted to sink onto him without further a-do, but she wanted to taste him first. Scooting down his thighs, Felix bent over him, but Ryan lifted her chin, stopping her.

"I'm thinking of a number between sixty-eight and seventy," he said as his lips curved into a wily grin. "Turn around and we'll see if we can make each other scream."

"A numbers man, huh? Talk dirty to me, baby." Felix rotated to face his feet and spread her sex over his mouth until she felt the brush of his tongue, hot and moist and eager to please her. She gave herself that moment, savoring his attention to detail and the quivers his flicking elicited between her legs. 

With her engine humming, Felix took Ryan into her hand and offered him the same greeting, dragging her tongue down his length before sucking him in. The deeper he went inside her, the further down she dove, relishing the feel of his thickness packed tightly in her mouth. Their bodies were a chorus of rising hips and rhythmic moans, and Felix had a helluva time focusing on Ryan as he rolled her clit between his lips. His vein hardened beneath her tongue, making her so freaking hot. She wanted to make him come as much as she wanted to feel her own release. With nothing to stop her momentum, she let go, shuddering against his mouth as Ryan continued to pleasure her, lapping and licking until she whimpered. Then he grabbed her hips, maneuvering her around to face him.

"I need my jeans."

Felix reached for the pocket of his pants and pulled out the condom she knew he was after. He tucked in, stroking his mighty sword before sliding her off and straddling her. Ryan handled himself with confidence as he filled her, moving gently but never hesitating on his descent.

"This probably won't take long," he said.

Felix didn't bother heading his warning, she ground against him hungrily, reaching for the spot he had discovered. She needed to find it again. She fucked him without apology, using their passion as an excuse to forget all her mistakes. What was that old saying? Carpe diem. Seize the day. From that moment forward, she would find enjoyment in everything, especially when it came to Ryan, and as she voiced her pleasure with "Yes. Fuck yes," Ryan joined her with his own chorus of obscenities.

With no regard for their nudity or the location they'd chosen to satiate their needs, Ryan made love to Felix, holding her head in his hands as he panted against her ear. Felix came apart as he unloaded into her, his warmth a welcome sensation after the endless week she'd spent on the edge of the unknown. After a lusty kiss, he rolled onto his side and tightened his embrace around her, extending the afterglow.

Felix's mind reeled as she slowly, leisurely descended from the delicious high Ryan had lifted her to. Even then, she imagined all the amazing things they could do to each other. Felix could definitely see a future with Agent Ryan Clark, and with any luck, it would be asshole-free and involve plenty of swordplay.


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