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12:27 pm

 It begun with more screaming. Boys and girls all mixed in and screamed their lungs out. And then people started moving. They shoved their own friends aside as they ran for the doors, clutching their hair with pure fear.

It was chaos everywhere. Screaming in the hallways of kids as they pushed themselves past the other mobs of their own classmates to save their own lives.

Teachers, however, were doing their best to calm everyone down. The classic calm looks on their faces, holding up their hands saying in their neutral voices, "Everybody, please, quiet down- calm down, please!"

That, however, didn't work. 

No one payed any attention.

Instead they shoved their way past those annoying, fretting teachers and ran for their lives. Fear, adrenaline, panic and shock pumped through the veins of everyone as they scrambled for the doors, the stairs, to get out, save themselves. 

No one cared about anyone else.

It was like no one was friends with anyone.

Friends and best friends and lovers and enemies shoved past each other with no word and yelled harder in panic.

So much chaos was happening.  So much screaming and yelling and crying and running and shoving and pushing and noises.

And where was I? 

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