2013 Introduction and Schedule

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Beginning on Thursday, December 5th and for twelve straight days, a new winter/holiday themed story filled with cozy, good feelings and/or romance will be posted here by a different Wattpad author. Instead of voting, please comment on each story - tag the author so they'll get notification - and then head on over to the author's own profile (through their linked dedication next to their chapter title) in order to read their other works.

The schedule for postings includes -

December 5: A Walk  @AngusNicneven

December 6: Rudolf the Commissar @RayAlan

December 7: More than That @ChickNAlfredo

December 8: The Twelfth Night of Christmas @SLGrey2904

December 9: Dem Damn Hippies’ Christmas in Are-You-Saved-Missouri @JTTwissel

December 10: A Winter Dream . . . @Anokhii

December 11: Sweet Rejoicing @CarolinaC

December 12: The Christmas Connection @Alicia16b

December 13: Fruitcake and Family @koreankittykait

December 14:  Winter Rainbow @Barefootwriter 

December 15: Mars Mountain and the Wengeley Christmas Spirit @PhonerionBallznevsky

December 17: The Seventy-Nine Second Miracle @HardeeBurger

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